Does anyone know a grant I could apply for so that I can take an EMT-B class. I

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there are LOTS of Grants for school for new high school graduates - you NEED to talk to a few colleges about financial aid options

there is free money for college - grants, scholarships

there is low interest loans - like Stafford Federal Loans (which you don't have to pay back until after you graduate and by then you will have a good job)


and the money is to cover ALL the tuition and expenses, plus help you buy books, plus living expense $ to help cover your rent, etc. etc. etc.


Talk to your school guidance counselor - and check out all of these websites.





That is very helpful. I will for sure check into these, thanks!

So let me see if I understand...


YOUR CHIEF - is making his focus on firefighting and not wanting to get side-tracked doing the medical tasks for Danville Rescue. Makes sense... Too many cooks in the kitchen can get over-whelming... and if you have only so much time to focus on training and skills - there is a lot of value in being awesome firefighters.


YOUR FATHER - has other career aspirations for you - beyond emergency service work.


So what does your father want you to do?


Perhaps he knows that many people burn out quickly in EMS from scraping up dead and mutilated bodies, etc. and working hard and still losing many patients and undergoing intense emotional stress?


Perhaps he knows that many people get hurt in this line of work and end up not being able to work doing patient care any more and need to go find other jobs - even in other industries - perhaps he wants you to have those skills BEFORE you get injured on the job?


Perhaps he knows that many people need to move on beyond EMS in a decade or so and therefore need to learn to use more brain and less brawn as they age and have their own children and as their body starts to change with age?


well, I need to sign off for now... hope you can do some research about other avenues of life to add layers to your EMS career goals...

I have been in college the last 13 years - trust me - I KNOW how expensive it is. But it is worth it. And you are much more likely to get a job... and have job options... and keep a job... with a college education.


But you can get a lot of grant money and use your time to apply for scholarships.

Perhaps a more stable goal - like nursing - there are tons of those jobs - ER nurses make HUGE MONEY !!! Lots of my EMT friends are also nurses.


here is the website for Community College of Vermont - St. Johnsbury

is you look at the fees - they are $214 per credit - so tuition for the full year is about $10,000 - $15,000 if you go full-time


BUT MOST IMPORTANTLY - 50% of your tuition is paid for you - if you will be attending your first quarter of school at their school - see the link... and then 50% through until you complete your AA degree even



If you are a Vermont resident, and if fall 2011 will be your first semester as a CCV degree student (registered for 6 - 12 credits), or your first semester as full-time (12 credits) degree student, apply now for a Next Generation Scholarship that could cover up to 50% of your CCV tuition through completion of your associate degree at CCV.


Scholarship Assistance Fund 
The College maintains a Scholarship Assistance Fund, which provides funds for designated awards, which may be restricted geographically, by special areas of interest, or by other criteria. These awards are determined by site staff as funds become available.

Alumni Scholarship
Funded by alumni gifts, this scholarship is awarded each year to a CCV graduate who plans to continue on for a bachelor's degree. Applications are due this year by April 22, 2011. Class of 2010 - 2011 form

Valedictorian/Salutatorian Tuition Waiver
Students who have graduated number one or two in their Vermont high school class are eligible for a tuition waiver at CCV. One does not need to be a recent high school graduate to qualify for this waiver or have earned 12 credits at CCV, but you cannot have already earned a baccauleaurate degree at any higher education institution. You must be registered in a degree program, enrolled in at least 6 credits and must maintain a GPA of 3.0 to retain this scholarship.

Rise to the Challenge Voucher
This voucher provides tuition for one CCV course to all Vermont high school students who have completed the Introduction to College Studies course. The program is supported by a grant from the U.S. Department of Education for a limited time only and covers course tuition at any of the Vermont State Colleges. Applications will be provided to students during the ICS course.

Vermont State Colleges Student Association Leadership Scholarship
The VSC Student Association chooses at least one student annually from each of the five Vermont State Colleges to receive its Leadership Scholarship.

Hunter Dandridge Memorial Scholarship
This scholarship, funded by the Bergeron Family Foundation, is established in memory of former Burlington High School student Hunter Dandridge. It will be awarded each year to a Burlington High School graduate who will enroll at CCV beginning the summer or fall after high school graduation. The award is $2,500 per year and will cover tuition and fees for one semester for a full-time student, or it can be spread throughout the year for a part-time student. Click here for the application form.

Scholarships Sponsored through the Vermont State Colleges
Additional scholarships are made available to all VSC students, with no guarantee that a student from a particular college will be chosen. These scholarships include the Shorey-Harvey Scholarship (for students interested in education).

The College may also award additional scholarships as funds become available.


The Vermont Student Assistance Corporation can provide valuable information about other scholarships that are available for students. You can contact them at 1-800-642-3177, or search for information at

VSAC provides an informative webcast entitled "Learning About Scholarships" atwww.vsacworkshopsonline. Check it out to learn many of the ins and outs of searching for scholarships.

Many private and public organizations provide scholarships based on need, merit, or other factors. You may also want to make use of the internet to consult these and other scholarship sites:

you can take all of your general classes at a community college - much cheaper than a university - ask the community college if they are transferable to a university should you choose later to transfer to a larger university...

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