I was just wondering if anybody could give me some ideas for PR . I have some ideas but need more. I would like to see what other depts do.

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All ideas are great! Just wanted to add go the extra mile during the ice storm we went door to door checking on our community.(Most of the county lost power for 3 weeks) We would feed them or shelter offer the phone if needed to check on loved ones, also fill up kerosene heaters for the elderly/disabled. Obtain transport for oxygen to homes without. This is kinda funny also we stayed there and manned the station 24/7 till our community was back up we have a family who calls us frequently for lift assist instead of tying up the ambulances we do this and they didn't call central dispatch after the storm they actually thought we as volunteers was at the station 24/7 and said that man who filled up my heater didnt answer the phone. Fire prevention week was awesome we got with other stations and put on a great community training event filled up dump tanks, had food, music, I can't wait to start planning now. I just hope our budget allows, Take Care!
These Guy's All Have Great "PR" Idea's That we Use In our Vol. Dept. I will Give You Another...

Look up the "Shattered Live's" Program! We Are Putting one Togather. Being So Close to Summer Break, This Would Be Exellent! It's Focus is to Show Highschool kid's the Reality of Drinking and Driving!!!

Plus The Media & School, Will Be All Over This! As well as Getting your Training, You Show People Your Response And Coordination, Between Police And Air Med, And Other Agency's.

Go To You Tube and Type in Shattered Lives. You Can Do It As Big as You Want! Plus You Might Spark some Interest in Some Kid's, For Future Carreer's! As well as Maybe Getting them Interested in Volunteering!

I Hope this will Help, Along with The Great Other Idea's!!

Rod G.
Howe VFD
Well we do two things that are a hit with the town easter we have the bunny stop by and give the kids a ride on the old truck and the same at x-mas and we give home saftey classes and send out news letters
Well, we do a few things....
*Once monthly, Wendys donates 25% of their income to us.....We take 2-3 trucks out there and give tours and kiddy bags...11am-5pm the last saturday of each month
*Annual open house/hotdog sale/boot drive- June
*Bean Dinnners
Spaghetti Dinner
*Rumage sales
*"Fire Fair"...Krogers...fire ed fot the community..
my fire dept that i am on we just got a big grant and it was for 13 Million dollars and it was approved by the community. we do a whole lot of pr time from cpr class to fire truck rides too visiting the scholl twicw a year for different things. but if you don't have good pr then your fire dept will suffer from it. no one will vote for tax increase for new equipment or any or her things.
Our dept. teaches fire extinguisher classes, home safety and other classes to civic groups, businesses, day cares. This helps with donations and is great pr.
try putting together a short "babysitting" class that teaches young kids CPR and basic first aide/ emergency procedures and then hand out a certificate at the end that they can use to get a babysitting job... were forming one now (trying to at least). Basically a PR thing (you can never have too much good PR.)
Cory, Maybe you do this. I just like to share it. This is very necesary P.R. for us. We need to keep the mayor and village board of trustees and our town supervisor and her board and lot of important people on our good side. Every year we present them with an annual report that usually knocks their socks off. Among the impressive figures we share are: breakdown of fire/EMS/other calls; number of "manhours" (Number of responders X hours of event) spent on each kind of alarm, each kind of drill, each outside ed class or drill, etc., all the EMS and other certifications and titles held by members in house and on county and state levels. Then when we total all those hours up they have an actually count they can apply to cost saved and they get really appreciative of their 52 member volunteer fire department. Now when they talk about us they are informed braggers. Its a great tool.
in the summer go to the park ( if you have an engine to spare for a bit) and spray water for the kids to run through. now, dont straight stream them with a 2 1/2 of course, but i nice fog for them to play in is great PR
Thank you everybody for sharing your ideas with me I hope to get some good out of all this my dept needs it really bad so thank you all again.
Well we like to go to the school, but what I think is the most rewarding is to go the nursing home and read the paper and make new friends. I like to go to the local grocery and bag for the customers and tell them about what we really are about.

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