Hey all you guys. Im president for our post and was wondering if youd have any suggestions for drills. Any advice would be great! Thanks!

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scramble drills with full gear
In you could try to salvage things, maybe going over EMS stuff, and if they let smoke a building up with a smoke machine they could probly take you through to show you what it is like.
Just to let you know that my department does not have a junior program. That said, I have read some interesting things for juniors to do and if you would like to read some, I have seen this topic covered several times in different forums. Not only through those, but also things to do for new members to departments as well. Here is one that I thought was good. You have whoever is conducting training make up a form for each piece of apparatus. On those forms should be enough space, layed out however best fits the design, for the members to write down each piece of equipment on that apparatus, the location of that piece of equipment as well as the uses for the equipment. Give a time period for this to be done in. Then the members can go through through the apparatus and fill in any equipment that they may have missed, within an allotted time frame. A good way to do this is to split the members up into groups per number of apparatus. once time has expired, have them switch apparatus and do the same on the next piece. At the very end, go through these "checklists" with the person conducting the training. The person conducting the training should have a master sheet with all of the equipment, locatons and standard uses on it, so definately plan accordingly if you don't have a master list in place, it may take some time to get one set up. In my opinion, this drill suits juniors and new members well, as I feel that it is extremely important to know where everything is and how to use it before you start really handling calls. I hope this is useful.
1 of the best things to do is go over the trucks and equipment. We do it every other saturday it only takes a few minutes but those minutes could help you learn more.
Air pack drills the 2min drill roll hose drill clean truck drill theres all kind of drills you can do lol there are some good post on here to do :-)
South Pend Oreille Fire/Rescue (formerly known has Pend Oreille Fire Dist. 3) Has had a very successful junior program for almost 20 years. We have about a 60% career rate from our program. They move on from here to all different kinds of fire/EMS service careers. They have moved on to Structural FF careers, wildland, paramedics, flight nurses, you name. We take alot of pride in moving them through our system. We know that we are not going to retain 99% of them. We do know that we can train them and influence them onto bigger and greater things though.
Anywho, check with what your state regs and standards are. We train them with everything that the "big boys (and ladies)" get. The only difference of course is "uncontrolled" fire trainings. We give them assignments that have meaning. Sometimes we have to show them the meaning behinnd it. They are very usful, and necessarry on calls. Train them well and they shall succeed! In the words of my grandfather, If you wanna run with the big dogs you gotta stop peeing like a pup! Train like and with FFs. Explorers/junior programs are there to set you up to succeed. Be safe and learn something new today.
scba/confined space
While you are during your monthly meeting randomly yell "get it on!!" That will give them a unexpected chance to race and gear up. It works well to pratice speed
Went to a class once and they had an interesting and cheap drill...We had blacked out masks...on air and full PPE...we were instructed to follow a handline as if it were a hoseline going out of a structure....BUT...it was stretched all around, over and through a playground...we went UP the slide...over the swings, through the monkey bars under the balance beam...and the ground was covered with wood chips...so not a problem with gear or too hard on knees and elbows....I think it was 150 feet long...and after we did it once we took our gear off critiqued it and then did it again....but after the instructor re-routed it....was actually kind of fun.....Paul
another one ....scavenger hunt....make a list of items on different trucks and have the class find them and document where they found them....then the kicker...take one item at a time and pick someone to demonstrate how to use it....we did it and you would be surprised at how many "oldtimers" couldn't use the hose clamp....Paul
go over trucks and tools
Go to construction sites and ask for old large pieces of scrap metal, then get a rotary saw and start cutting that stuff up. Another thing you can do is find an old dumpster and fill it with wood, start buring the wood and have the Explorers do hose lays to the dumpster and hydrant operation. Then have the Exp.'s put the fire out, great way for Explorers to get close to fire with out being in danger and learn operations they could help with while on calls. Rappeling Drills off the station roof is great and Basic EMS/First Aid is a good thing to go over as well.

One more that takes a little while to get set up is going to a place where you can buy car parts (car scrap-yard) and ask you can use the facilities and several cars for a few hours. Teach your Explorers about some of the hazards of MVA's/TA's and then practice phsyical rescues (cutting up the car).

Another thing you can do is set up Musters (Explorer Competitions) with in ur community/county/state

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