I was looking around for some personal safety lights for my helmet and i found this Glo-Jo band now im not too sure about this thing but wanted to see if anyone has every seen or used them it sounds like a good idea but for 55 bucks dont knw if its worth it it uses 2 double a battery's and emits a bright blue light from the back of your helmet, The light strip is thin and im not sure if it would hold up to any heat its a very very good idea but would like other firefighters opinion about it here is the details on it and the website where you can find it 

and a video here 

• Device easily mounts and adjusts to most firefighting helmets on the market and weighs approximately 0.35 lbs (batteries included). IMAGE

• Adjustability features on the device include; a sliding buckle system to adjust the diameter of the device, as well as a portion of NFPA Compliant Nomex® Elastic to ensure a snug fit. IMAGE

• The main body of the GLO-JO® helmet band is made of NFPA Compliant Kevlar® webbing. Unlike other materials that are commonly affected by mildew, this Kevlar® webbing does not rot and has an approximate shelf life of 12 years. IMAGE

• The GLO-JO® helmet band can easily be secured or removed via a slide release buckle system which is made of a Heat Stabilized Nylon 6/6. This is the same material that many U.S. firefighter helmet chin strap buckles are made of. IMAGE

• The GLO-JO® helmet band’s illumination strip is built into a 1 inch tall fluorescent yellow, retro-reflective photo-luminescent encasement. Such retro-reflective photo-luminescent materials are known on the market as Glo-Flex® or Reflexite® material. This material used in our device is NFPA compliant with regard to heat and flame resistance. Such materials are commonly found on the outside of currently manufactured firefighting helmets, identified as triangular adhesives or rectangular strips. These materials are also both chemical and water resistant. IMAGE

• A clear top layer is RF welded to encase the devices lamp. This material is scratch resistant and very easy to clean when covered with soot and other carbon materials generated by combustibles; this enables our built in illumination strip to remain optically clear. IMAGE

• The GLO-JO® helmet band battery pack utilizes 2 “AA” Batteries. IMAGE

• The GLO-JO® helmet band battery pack is encased with a heat and flame resistant rubber which has self-extinguishing properties to prevent combustion. The application of this rubber encasement not only provides the necessary heat and flame resistance to the battery pack, but also provides water and impact resistance.IMAGE

• The optimal position for the GLO-JO® helmet bands battery pack is having the preset mode switch (blink or constant) facing downward toward the helmets brim. This method protects the switch between the brim of the helmet and the battery pack, offering better water resistance as it makes it more difficult for overhead water to enter into the switch area. IMAGE

• The power “switch” which activates the GLO-JO® helmet band is a pushbutton switch. It can be found on the face of the battery pack. This switch is identified as a black dimple or finger impression. IMAGE

• The power switch or pushbutton activation switch may be challenging to activate with a gloved hand. Therefore we recommend a pre-arrival activation of this device while one is gearing-up or while en-route to a given scene.

Let me knw wat you think :)

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I don't know much about the product you are talking about, but you may also want to check out the firefox head bands. I personally don't own one but have seen a demo on them and they seem to work. The firefox seems kinda like the same idea as the glo-jo but you don't have worry about replacing batteries.

Ok thanks for replying i will check it out
Go with the Firefox helmet band. It doesn't require batteries and the Glo-Jo band likes to slip off at inconvenient times.

I had a Glo-Jo band and was not impressed.

besides the glo jo band slipping off did you have any other problems with it? was it easy to see in heavy smoke?
Yes, it was easy to see.

oh ok thanks for your help on this i might try both and see which one i like better just wanted to get a heads up on it :) im more safety concuss now i got hurt real bad this past sunday at a 4 alarm warehouse fire im a interior captain and during overhaul i told one of my firemen to go take a break and when they did as soon as they got out the floor gave away and down i went i didnt fall far maybe about 2 foot and then a beam from the roof came down and hit me in the head knocking me out cold the person i told to get out was a female so im glad it was me and not her i came too after they pulled me out and i was being carryed by 8 of my firemen i got sent to the er where the doc told me the helmet saved my life and i was very lucky i have a concussion and the normal aches and pains but ima be ok i dont rember any thing from after the time i told her to get out till the time i got pulled out thankfully it was during the day and i could be seen well if it was at night it might have been a diff story for my guys to find me in all the smoke thats why im looking in to getting some sort of light :)
For the individual above: The Glo-Jo helmet band is probably the best light emitting helmet light you can buy on the market right now. I can tell you firsthand it works not long after getting the helmet band I put it to use in a structure fire. As my self and partner where doing are job other firefighters from out side keep asking where can I get one of them lights. Also other mutual departments where asking where to get one. As far as the heat go any one who has been in a fire knows things fail. I can tell you this helmet band came out like a champ. There are many copies cats out there but I will only put on my head is the Glo-Jo helmet band.
yea both have there ups and downs to them they both sound really great as far as people saying they dont hold up to heat well there prolly going in training fires where u will experience allot more heat then a REAL fire so i guess we just have to try both and see :) thanks for your reply's :)
Hey all,there are more things to consider than price.You are not comparing apples to apples here.One band (glows in the dark) the other glows in the dark,reflects and has battery powered light.I have the GLO-JO band and can tell you it works well.I have been in two fires and spent a day doing evolutions in the burn building since purchasing it.I also use it on every call where we are operating in the roadway.In one of the fires the unit identifier on my helmet started to curl as well as the reflective tape on the helmet and the GLO band works and has no signs of damage.Go to the GLO-JO site and read how the device works you'll see they have not a lot more to offer than something that glows in the dark.Photoluminescence is a good backup or secondary source but in the real world our helmets are not sitting out in daylight all day.They are sitting in the rig or in the drivers compartment or on the floor at night.I don't have to worry about leaving my helmet under a light, just don and press the button.I don't see why batteries are an issue, everyone I ride with has a helmet light, hand light or flashlight in there pocket.Just like any of our other equipment flashlights,hand lights, radios,TIC ,meters ect. you need to check you gear at the beginning of your shift. The GLO-JO band doesn't need special batteries it has 2 AA batteries that are inexpensive and easy to replace.The band has reflective,luminescence,and battery powered lighting that is specific to the wavelength of light we can see in the dark.During one evolution in the burn building visibility was about one foot and we could see the GLO-JO band on the other side of the room(approx 10-12 feet) and not the reflective stripes on the gear even with hand lights.At the end of the day several FF's were asking where they could get one.
Just an FYI - We have been using the Glo-JO helmet band for well over a year at our fire academy and have found it to be a very valuable asset for safety while training. Our instructors wear it and are easily seen by the students in even the darkest conditions including class A. It has stayed on our helmets and has a nice low profile. Yes it works on batteries but they last an eztremely long time. It has held up in some of the hottest conditions in a class A enviroment. The Firefox must be lit with a light source and will stay lit depending on how long it sees that light source, similar to the irredescent air gauge on your SCBA that practically everyone forgets to do. If you are dilligent in shinning a light on the bad then in works.
We have also been testing the new glo-jo arm/cylinder band which has even enhanced our ability to monitor fire students in smoke and burn evolutions. We instructors, wear the band on the lower portion of our SCBA in the solid mode so students can identify us in 0 visiblity conditions. We also place a band on the students SCBA in a flashing mode so we as instructors can monitor them in the same conditions. Even in the class A we can see each other's band up to a distance of 10 feet.
When Fire Departments attend drills at our facility and they see us using them they have always commented on how well they work.
So overall we are very pleased with its performance, durability, and effectiveness. I believe that many firefighters will come up with many other uses for this light band.

Louis A. Pepe - Fire Instructor - Morris County Fire Academy NJ
Our SCBA gauges glow?? Just kidding. I've had the Glo-Jo ever since I got out of fire school. It was the very first thing I bought for my helmet. As for others saying it doesn't stay on, I haven't had that problem. It fits nice under the leather front and the small velcro tabs in the back help it from sliding up. For those with the "salad bowl" helmets without the fronts, yeah, you might need some more velcro to secure it correctly, but come on, this is the fire service, we live and die by velcro.
Yes, the glo-jo glows in the dark when exposed to light, and, like everything else in the world that glows in the dark, it's contingent on how much light it's exposed to....same as the Firefox. Me personally, my helmet is not sitting outside in the sun waiting for the next call. It's in a dark gear bag and isn't taken out until I'm riding. And even then, it's inside the unit, away from the sunlight. The battery pack for the glo-jo is no bigger than a helmet light or even a helmet cam and secures nice towards the back and doesn't get in the way. End of speech.

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