Ok, So everyone reading this can give me accurate information I will explain everything i am wondering. Please the the few minutes to read this it will be greatly appreciated. 
     What I am wondering is What process(s) would I have to take to be able to get into a paid department.(North Carolina) Also anything else you think I would need to know to get into a paid staff. 

     Here is information about me so you can explain it better. I am 16 (17 in Dec.(i know you need to be 18 to be on paid staff, I am just wondering so I know it all when the time comes.)) I am currently getting my ged in NY state. I am moving to North Carolina at the end of the year.    The thing is one of the articles I read said (must have high school diploma or equivalent ged in the state of North Carolina) that's one of the confusing parts, how could i get in with a NYS ged diploma.

     Things I do know is theres a written test, agility test with multiple "tasks" also in most cases there is an basic E.M.T course, and also the physical and screening as always. I know it will be harder than Vol. Dept. and i understand that and except the challenges that go with it(.ups and downs.)

     Also its not TOP priority but just getting my information together, what are the usual hours for paid. ex:(24 on 48 off?) Also pay, week? biweekly? and what is the usual pay rate? Hourly:? and normal "paycheck" if you work all your hours appointed to you?


     Thank you for taking your time to read this. If you could respond it will be appreciated. Also if anyone could send any other information from a paid department, Pamphlets ect. I will give you my email address just ask...


                                                                                                   - Benjamin

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It is different all over. Training, certs, schedules, pay, age, degrees, etc.  I suggest you walk into a paid fire department in your area and ask the guys how to get on the job.

It never hurts to get an EMT certification under your belt as well as your GED.  You will be much more marketable to a wide range of departments.  Also you will probably need to have a Certified Physical Agility Test that is no older than 6 months prior to time of application.  However, depending on each department, that will vary.  Pay range is dependant on area, certification, and experience.

Should I do the emt class before i  go apply for a position? If so how do I go about doing that? cost?

my recommendation is to get your EMT before you apply so you have something going for you.  You can take an EMT class in NC at the community college.  Also keep in mind, in some cases it can take up to a year before you actually start working as a firefighter...by the time you go through the testing process, interviewing process, and the academy. 

yeah i would have thought that there would be a substantial wait time for all that. Do you know off hand since you get "accepted" before the academy and stuff, at the moment you get put on the roster do you get paid for anything further you do with the dept? training sessions there may be, the academy ect.

well you won't get paid until you start officially training since you aren't officially hired until your first day of work.

oh okay i see, thank you damon

no problem.  good luck with the move and working toward becoming a firefighter.

Thank you, i know i have a major task infront of me but i think being a vol. firefighter will assist me in that task, and i will continue to volunteer even if i get the paid pos.

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