MACON, Ga. (13WMAZ) - The Macon - Bibb County Fire Department is investigating a firehouse prank recorded on video that shows a hoax shooting inside one of their firehouses.

13WMAZ reports that the video posted on YouTube shows a masked man entering the firehouse and brandishing a handgun. Several firefighters in the video drop to the floor as the gunman appears to fire the weapon. In one part the gunman grabs a person and drags hims off screen where viewers hear another shot fired.


More, Investigation Launched into Georgia Firehouse Shooting Prank Video


What do you think? A little too much over the top?

Where do you draw the line and who should be held accountable?

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Ok... so maybe I was just looking for a silver lining... but after actually watching the videos and reading the links... this is not the case.  

Chief Eeten is absolutely correct. The fact that this video was posted publicly pretty much negates my comments about this being a private video. Even taking into consideration that there are two sides of the story, you can tell that the department's Fire Chief is nothing less than embarrassed. 

Was this funny or acceptable? The true test whether something is funny, cool or acceptable is to ...

What on earth were they thinking? Oh yea, they weren't... They must have been lost in the moment, which is nothing like being lost in the unemployment line or just plain losing their minds.

Luckily, someone not privy to the setup didn't do something that would have injured or killed the actor. I'm not the only one who has "friends" that just aren't quite right... This is something that would push them over the edge and is definitely not funny.


I'm apparently having much less of a problem with this prank than the other respondents.

I wonder what kind of turn this discussion would have taken if the FF being pranked had his own firearm and "returned fire".


While realizing that most FD's prohibit firearms on department property and/or on duty, that doesn't keep all guns out of every firehouse.


This incident could very well have ended up with someone seriously injured or even dead.  I have a difficult time seeing any humor in that possibility.

somebodies carrear is gonna take a serious detour over this. if it didnt get on you tube it would have been an isolated incident and nobody would have ever known, but now....(i hate to quote the movie but) "your carrear disapation light just went into high gear"






Maybe this is your wakeup call. Perhaps you are so crusty, numb to the trauma, seasoned, with decades of experience making this more of a homhum no big deal experience. Most folks would consider this to be a traumatic experience. 
So not cool....This is way over the top!!!!! I have seen my share of pranks in my day but this is


Without a doubt wrong.....but it was some funny shiaaaat....lmao....

play "robbery" ... hell it looks more like Columbine...




Rolling a grenade - a real one - into the bunkroom would be "traumatic". What can I say, I'm just not feeling it.

The price of stupidity.... the results of this little stunt cost one firefighter his job, a demotion for another, and suspensions for others. Hope it was worth it.

Others would have pulled their own weapon and returned fire, possibly ending with the death of the "prankster".


Fired is better than dead.


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