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The Blandford Fire Department was lucky enough to have the town buys us 12 new sets of gear this year. As we wait its arrival, we are trying to decide hat to do with our older sets. Per NFPA 1851, the gear must be retired next year. Some of it is in rough shape, some has never seen a fire. If anyone is interested in this equipment, please post here and/or email me at I have 13 sets that need to go, however, I am not sure if ALL the sets will be available. We may keep a set or two for probationary/junior firefighters. Stay Safe

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This just might be an answer to my problem as well. My dept also has some old turnouts that are in need of a new home. These turnoputs are all over 10 years old. They are made by morning pride and some are gently used, others? what can I say? They are currently in a pile upstairs in our firehouse and were destined for the dumpster. I would much rather see these go to someone that can use them. Please contact me if you can use them. Be safe, God bless.
The only thing I suggest to you Patrick is that your town gives you approval to donate the equipment. Also, develop a release of liability form for the receiving parties to sign and ask for the requests for the gear be on department letterhead from head of fire department. That way, you know the gear is going to a official department and not a wannabe trying to get free stuff.
That was one of my concerns, I would really rather not give somebody our gear if its gonna be in a den or a "fire room". Kind of a shame to have to worry bout that kind of stuff, what a world. Thanks for your suggestions.
We sent in our information to you via E-Mail a few days ago and I am hoping you received it. Also, We are trying to raise money for shipping so if you decide to donate gear then we can send via my paypal. Thank you very much.
I did get your request Jason. I am still on hold, due to the fact our new gear has not arrived. I have not forgotten about you.
Our gear is tan with orange trim. We have some sets of black and yellow nomex as well
No worries, checking to see if you received it. If you need anything else please let Mike Vito or myself know. We can send you our legal papers or whatever you need.
Good news everyone. I talked to my salesman today, and our gear ships tomorrow. We should have it in our hands by this upcoming Tuesday. If everything goes well, I should be able to start shipping the old equipment as early as NEXT week.
Do you have any of this gear lef.t? I am looking for gear to go to a junior fire school.
Please keep the best stuff for your juniors. When thier status changes, you wont them in hand-me-down junk.
Hi, Im starting the fire academy in november and my company wont let me use my gear for school, im a volunteer and out of work and my funds are limited any way you can help
Hi Tim. why don't you contact me directly at:

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