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The Blandford Fire Department was lucky enough to have the town buys us 12 new sets of gear this year. As we wait its arrival, we are trying to decide hat to do with our older sets. Per NFPA 1851, the gear must be retired next year. Some of it is in rough shape, some has never seen a fire. If anyone is interested in this equipment, please post here and/or email me at I have 13 sets that need to go, however, I am not sure if ALL the sets will be available. We may keep a set or two for probationary/junior firefighters. Stay Safe

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My company manufacturers illumination tools and has a new line of lights for firefighters and rescue workers. I have lights available to donate to several departments. If you have an interest/need, please send me an e-mail.

Janet Fife
Ok, I am getting a list together tonight of what I have available. I will get sizes on coats, pants, boots. I have several pairs of gloves as well. I want to know what you NEED. I am not going to send you a 52 coat if your biggest guy is a 46. I will post the list of my equipment tomorrow. I still need permission to donate the equipment, that comes on Monday. As soon as I get that done, and our new stuff gets here, I hopefully can help some of you all out.
Chief, how up to date are Scott II airpacks?
Fire Service Brothers and Sisters,
I have made an agreement with a department that is willing to donate. If my department comes up with excess gear we can not use, I am to redistribute it to other departments that can. If that happens and I can get some help with shipping, I will do so. I have a Indian reservation in Waupol island, Canada ? (SP), that has asked for assistance also. I will see if I can get them to join this forum to post any needs.
When people pool their resources we can accomplish a lot.
Good news. Selectmen gave me the go ahead to donate whatever I want. I will post a list here soon. The only thing is the equipment is "as is" an a release of liability must be signed. Gear is soon on its way people
Amen to that!
Hello Chief, that's great news. Jason McDonald and I hopes for your kind generosity of your department. The gear you will donate will be a great help for my protections of our members. God Bless you Chief !

Mike Vito
i could really use a helmet if your able to donate
If anyone has any helmet lights that they are not using or have had them replaced with new ones , my dept could use about 4 -6 lights , we are a small dept and funds are hard to come by . Lights and some of our other gear have to come out of our own pockets and that is hard now days..


Thanks for the update. I am in the province right now so internet is hard to find. Its good to keep up on this thread.
This is the complete list of equipment that Blandford Fire has to offer. All equipment will be donated “as is” and will require a release of liability from the receiving party. NO GEAR WILL BE GIVEN TO INDIVIDUAL FIREFIGHTERS. An officer of your department must put in a request on department letterhead to to claim any of the below mentioned equipment. No one calling "dibs" in this post are entitled to anything. The receiving party must pay shipping. Blandford Fire will calculate shipping and payments may be made by either PayPal or check.

Securitex turnouts: These have a manufacturer date of September 2000. Some units have heavy wear; some have never seen a fire. Coats are a 32 length, tan color with orange trim.

Coats: 34, 38(2), 40(2), 42(1), 44, 46(2), and 50
Pants: 30x28, 32x28, 32x30(2), 36x32, 38x30, 38x34, 40x30, 42x30, 42x32, 44x28(2), 48x26, .

Globe Turnouts: These are well over 10 years old. Some are yellow Nomex and some are black Nomex.

Coats: 40(3) and 44(3)
Pants: 30x26, 36x28, 36x32, 38x30(2), 42x30.

Boots: Wide variety of manufacturers. All boots are rubber pull up style boots.

Sizes: 7.5, 8, 8.5, 9(3),

Gloves: Not sure how many pairs we have. We have a bucket full of older gloves since we got a new style last year. I cannot guarantee sizes. If you want a few pairs let me know and I will send.
Thanks very much for listing the items. We will send our Request with letterhead in an E-Mail ASAP. Take care -Jason

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