Now beeing im a grill junkie and love to cook outdoors, I personally dont like to use propane grills. You just dont get the flavors right in my opinion. mesquite is the only way to go

What method does everyone eles prefer?

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Anything that is COOKED FOR ME and SERVED TO ME ;-)


I will take my prime rib medium rare please - I'll be over at 6 !

Wow that was easy Heather LOL. I love to grille / cook / and agree with the flavoring is better over coals but it is the sign of the times. Most hate to wait for the grille to be ready so the gas is the choice for the masses.

thats what i feel killed the grill, people are in a hurry.

but i have built a few outdoor kitchens and all have been with gas grills and they turned out awsome, but give me an old weber grill any day

Personally I like to wait for a good structure fire and then slow roast over it....MMMMM..nothing like the taste of a prime cut of beef and burned hydrocarbons with a touch of hydrogen cyanide and some sulfuric acid to taste......My mouth is watering as I write oh yes don't forget the red wine....a must for beef......YUM.....

old tires, pallets,junk wood along the road, but i too am like you i prefer mesquite is the only real way to go

Easy Heather - I get that a lot ;-)


6 - and I am wearing my grillin' party dress !

One of my all time favorite movie lines... hee hee

hmmm... where exactly is your craw?

and how exactly does something get stuck in it?


cause I think I have had something stuck in my craw a few times - but have never been able to figure out where it is and how to get it out???  Advice?

Stuck in my craw...

as in the neck of bird where big stuff will not pass...

this puts a whole new image in my mind about you ...

Let me help you with that...


I think his "sicilian quarter" is his backside but not sure.....

LOL - THANKS - now I have a whole new image in my mind

Just glad to be of assistence when I can.....was a long night pumping out basements all night again........yawn........

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