Hey guys. Just wondering, what was maybe one of the strangest or most rediculous calls uve ever been on??

for me, id have to say around a year ago, a little girl was home alone and she tried a ring on her finger. she couldnt get it off, so she called 9-1-1. i thought it was humorous myself.

i attached a recording of a call that we (tri comm) had mar 9, 2008 at 0817. i guess the student was sleeping hard (so they tell me) lol. i tell ya, thats either a good way to get out of skool o rhe just wanted a lot of attention.

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well we had a call for chest pains. As we rolled up there was a woman sitting on the step with huge knockers. She stood up and we almost walked by her until we asked if she knew had called 911. The second she said i did and i just got implants our captian turned around and just started laughing histariclly! haha it was sssoo funny!
HA! o my god. ha thats awesome. i cant beat that. ya got me.
like two week ago we were toned out for a small brush fire. got half way there and was told to stand down. our driver little sister a jr for the dept was driving by the reported fire and happend to put it out with her fast food drink cup.
hahaha gotta love people
im not sure what to say to that lol, i would have peed my pants laughing right there
ha. nice. thats my kinda call- where they offer ya a beer. it doesnt get any better
last summer we were hanging out a the station and a call came in for a animal stuck in a tree. we hopped into our squad and when we arrived there was cow stuck in a tree. Its head was stuck between two split trunks of a tree and body laying on the ground. so we decided to use the spreaders instead of a chainsaw because a chainsaw would have cut to close to its neck and the owner was quite attached to this bovine beauty. and now when someone asks me about this call I say we had to bring in our sister stations aerial because the cow was too high and our ladder would not reach.
ha. thats awesome. lol. sounds like a call we would have
We had a women hit two cows standing side by side. The first one was killed on impact but was pushed so hard into the second one that it went airborn and came down throught the rear winshield of the car and ended up standing in the back seat! The passengers were not injured. When the police officer noticed the car moving around he approached it with his hand on his gun because he had no idea what was going on inside of the car. We ended up taking the car with the cow in the back seat on a ramp truck back to the farm she came from and when the car was put back on the ground we opened the door and the cow ran back into the barn. This story was actually picked up by the National news outlets. Earlier that day we had a mini-van flip over on the same street and there were Girl Scout cookies spread out for a quarter mile. all we could figure is the cows were looking for cookies!
hey! if i was in the cows' shoes, id deff be looking fer cookies!
a 43 year old eally good looking female with obvious ETOH asked me to marry her last thursday theres a pic going around the stations of me holding her hand while taking her pulse that looks like she is blowing a kiss at me while i lovely hold her hand
Sorry 21 and older only. TCSS

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