Hey Guys, and Gals, I am still in need of friends So Add me and lets talk... K I can't wait to hear from ya'll

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Ok can I ask but why is everyone being rude to me about this thats all I want to know and I need someone to go onto my profile and delete this because it won't allow me to on my end if you will do this email me and I will give you my info so we can get this over with
If I may,,,

Please don't mistake snarky for rude. Snarky can be rude, but is never rude just for rudes sake, (is rudes a word?). Rude can be snarky, but it usually is only by accident. It's kid of like the whole, "All German Shepards are dogs, but all dogs are not German Shepards" thing. Yea, I threw the dog reference in there for Kali. I hope you don't delete the entire post. I have made some dumb posts, but the idea of erasing the issue is out of the question.

You are attempting to become a firefighter. Learn all you can, (especially from your mistakes), and move on. Own your actions. Think before you act and act with confidence. I hope you grow into a great firefighter, but if you think this is a tough crowd, wait until you are working at a house.
Ok I understand and thanks for having faith in me growing into a great firefighter it makes me happier to be in the career I am in I just I don't want to keep reading this and look at the replies from people that seem to be getting nasty with me all because I posted something in the wrong forum thats all.
Go back and re-read these posts. They're trying to teach you to become a firefighter; situational awareness and following instructions. In other words, if you can't post in the proper discussion, how are you ever going to become a firefighter? Learn from your mistakes. Mmm.... I feel the force is strong with this one... mmm, yes.
for unknown reasons this discussion can not be deleted, i will contact the web master and ask for it to be deleted or locked

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