Hey Guys, and Gals, I am still in need of friends So Add me and lets talk... K I can't wait to hear from ya'll

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Cody, to save any further grief, have a look at the forum headings before posting. Putting a thread in the correct forum helps everyone to find what they are interested in.

Oh, and welcome to FFN.
what does a cat have to do with firefighter nation in any way.
I know thats what I asked LOL I didn't know cats could fight fires LOL
Excuse me but i don't think that you have any place in this discussion to be criticizing anyone. he made a mistake lets not be arrogant and rude. This is suppose to be a site where firefighters can communicate in a professional / non- professional setting.
Don't Ask ME LOL
well i dident want a cuse word on my comments so i deleted it but i mean a cat has what to do with this. ???? lol
Yeah LOL ppl just getting smart....
First off...Kali is no bully. Your statement, "Kali seemed to kinda bully me", rings of a lack of truth that is borderline ignorant. If you had taken the time to look at the volumes of work here on the Nation by Kali, you would see that it was all written by a committed professional firefighter who cares for the advancement of the craft. There are few people who can write with factual eloquence and passion. When we find one, we are well served to listen to them. In this business, as you will find, it is very important to be able to follow directions and be aware of the situation. Posting something in the wrong place is a nothing problem, but it does show a glaring lack of situational awareness. Your age is, (I'm sure), a factor in this and with years I assume you will see the point. Up until now I have posted to display the confusion, but you are showing great disrespect.

Secondly, and for the record.......Cats have no business. They are by nature, fakers, liars and spend far too much time peeing where they ought not. I can point to examples, but the last time I did that I got spanked by the brass. Lets just leave it at this............Cats and fire don't mix. "Fire cats" really don't exist. They would have you believe that they do, but don't be fooled!
Ok I am sorry to make everyone mad ok I am not the one that said Kali was being arrogant and I didn't say anything about her being rude I don't know why everyone is getting so angry about this OK I MADE A MISTAKE and I have corrected my self since I last posted Ok I am honestly sorry now will you guys quit harping on me about this I mean honestly its getting kind of pathetic and childish. Sorry I don't stand your standards or professionalism SORRY FOR EVERYTHING Now quit harping on me.
And what are you meaning by that????
Ok I know what probie is and I am sorry ok I don't mean to have attitude at all. I just want to know why everyone is carrying on about this I mean I have learned where everything needs to go so can we drop this I will try and get someone to delete it tomorrow that way we don't have to worry about it OK.
That was so well stated that there's not a damnthing I can add of value. Well put.

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