Hey Guys, and Gals, I am still in need of friends So Add me and lets talk... K I can't wait to hear from ya'll

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I didn't know sorry I am still trying to get fimiliar with this Ok

I knew a woman once who could tell it like it is just like you. She is amazingly intelligent with bright, (yet dark at times), wit. She, like you, is a truth teller. People on the nation don't appreciate those traits. I however, love them.
What are you talking about??? I am so confused
The propagation of heat, light and sound through what was thought to be the lumineferous ether before the Mchaelson/Morely experiment.
Ok now what was that all about???
Simply detailing some of the points used to bolster the ideas of "dead", "not dead" and both "dead and not dead" at the same time, in reference to Edwin Schrodingers cat. A simple foray into a possible explanation of the principals at work in the realm of quantum physics.
Ok ummm WHAT DID YOU JUST SAY??? I am sorry ok I didn't post this under meet and greet ok SORRY...
hello my name is shawna and well its ok that you dont know your way around the site yet. Its understandable but dont be nervous. i think that its cool that you are putting your self out like that. :)
PHEW!!! That was a close one. And here I thought Cody wasn't going to get Shawna's approval there for a minute. Thank heavens she feels it's OK for him not to know the site. I think it's cool to put yourself out there also. There are many ills in the world, and if we all learned to open up with one another it would be a better place. What we need is a great deal more personal vulnerability, allowing others to see into our souls. If I could look into all of the eyes of the world at once I could emote with all of you and share with you what each of you needs from me. I will be working on that! To give to humanity all that it needs from me. Who will join me in my quest? Is anyone brave enough to pick up that righteous sword and stand with me in my rail against the indiscretions of the world? An army, an unyielding force of firefighters covering the world with only love for their fellow man, making a difference in each others lives. Growing each day with exponential proportion, spreading across the plains like a benevolent plague. A movement! That's what this will be, a movement of firefighters, paid and volunteer growing closer in the hopes of helping each other grow, (and of course the occasional "hook up"). WHO IS WITH ME?!


"Kum Ba Yah" My Lord
"Kum Ba Yah"
"Kum Ba Yah" My Lord
"Kum Ba Yah"

Who's with me?
Schrodinger's experiment is great...except the cat knows exactly what's going on. If you're the cat, there is no "Dead and Alive." Oh shoot...this isn't general firefighting discussion.


Well, not really. Sure the cat knows what's going on, but which cat is it? Each individual cat only knows what its own outcome is. In the theory of multiple universe there is a split at the moment of determination that continues until every possibility takes place. So to speak correctly of the answer, The cat lives, dies,doesn't live and doesn't die. That might sound redundant, but if you study the theory you can see that it's not.
Ummm thanks Shawna for sticking up for me... Kali seemed to kinda bully me which UGH makes me mad cause you know I don't know who he or she is.... I just Whatever on that part.... THANKS SHAWNA

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