MY DEPT IS GONNA be hosting flashover training im a probitionary fire fighter there so i aint allowed to go in to burning houses just yet but there gonna let me take the traing my queston is what does flashover training consite of i know my queston sounds kind of stupid but i have to ask

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Basically a flashover trainer is sitting in a container ( an outfitted semi trailer). There are 2 levels seperated by about 3 feet. The upper level is the fire in a burn barrel , firefighters are on the lower part of the trailer. The trailer has some vent openings to show the difference between proper and inproper venting. So FF's sit in the trailer, there is a handline, and you watch the fire change. You see the room go dark, you see rollover, you learn how to "pencil" or keep the fire at bay, and you see how proper and inproper venting makes a difference. Pretty much everyone rotates so you get a chance to open the vents and be on the nozzle.
The one's that I have taken involved half a day in a classroom setting to learn what to look for and what to do about it.
Then we go into a flashover cell where they light up some pallets and show the stages of flashover without it actually flashing over. The group inside take turns taking shots to cool it down to control it. It's really interesting and fun to watch as the flames roll over your head in the smoke. To feel the heat changes, and visibility changes. And to see the results of proper ventillation and not so proper ventillation. Even if you're not allowed in the fire zone, I recommend taking the classroom portion if it's available to you.
And it's not so much a stupid question. It's a question that you want an answer for.
keep safe and have fun
First off i hope that there not doing fo training inside a house, fo training is done like inside a trailer where its sealed tight flashover occurs when the heat generated by a fire can no longer be absorbed walls ceilings and the rooms contents. Therefore it raises the temp of the unburned gases,room contents the walls and flooring. Once the temp reaches 750 degrees the entire room will ignite creating an inferno and if a firefighter is in there he has about 2 seconds to get the hell out or he is going to be a crispy critter. How we did our training like i said is in a trailor that is built for that kind of training a fire is set at one end and ur at the other end that has a door seperating u and the fire then another door behind you that is not secured so when the room flashes it blows the door open and the heat and flames travel out. So the fire is burning your on the other side of the door with the instructor your laying face down oh and by the way u better have some extra gear on for this kinda training, anyway the instructor controls the door meanwhile your laying face down or on your side the instructor knows the temp inside the room so once the temp reaches 750 degrees he wil open the door and bam it flashes sending flames over your head blowing the door behind you open its pretty intense i loved it anyway hope that answers your estion.
Wow....please fogive me, but are you related to anyone in FFN, such as a jr. asking about driving after 9.
My point is that I wish people whould slow down and take their time in writing resposes. It's not a race (as far as I know). I know you know what you are writing, but sometimes it's hard for others to fallow you without stopping to re-read portions of it so they can separate sentences and whatnot.
It was a great comment full of information. That's great. Just slow down and maybe review it before you post it, you might find out that you missed a word or put the wrong word in.
PLEASE NOTE: when I say "you", I don't meant you as in William. It is meant towards all that write one long, run-on sentence with disregard for punctuation and structure. Becoming a thorn in my paw.
Again, not directed at you William, but you're in with the group.
Anyhow, we were told that you have the amount of time it takes you to go 2 steps before it becomes a hazard for you. Like being 2-3 steps inside the door. So think about how much trouble a FF can get into if he/she doesn't recognizethe signs of flashover, and they are halfway into the room or structure. This training should be thought of as essential to every firefighter.
Keep safe and have fun.

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