My fire dept has a new Chief and he wants each station to come up with a mascot. I like the idea and feel things like this help to boost moral. We are trying to get some good ideas. How do you like the idea of a mascot? What type of mascot does your firehouse have?

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I'd have to say a Bulldog....Tough and ugly as hell (probably better looking than most of your guys)....LOL
I think a mascot would help boost the moral. The moral in most FD's are low today due to lack of brotherhood. I have seen the brotherhood drop alomost out of the areas I live in. My Vol. department has a Dalmation for a mascot.

Stay Safe,
Robbie Cox
A couple of ideas. An engine company is located across the street from the a HS and takes there mascot as theirs. Makes it very community oriented. Another is located in the Little Italy district so the fly the Italian flag also. Bulldogs, Dalmations, etc are a dime a dozen. Be unique.
We're one of 3 departments in the county that have a school in our turf so we just adopted the local school mascot. The St. Martin "Yellowjackets"

Our bee is somewhat based on the GA Tech design, but it was drawn freehand by our asst chfs daughter. We have it on our patches since our department serves the St. Martin community.
Sorry Jay....But I would rather be boring than to fly ANY foreign nations flag on my equipment....School mascot, or maybe something unique to your areal or township....Make it something to be proud of.....Paul
I agree with the idea of being unique.

I think a brain storming session for each station would be a great idea. Throw out words, associated images, etc. that are related to your department.

For instance, our town is well known in the area for a prehistoric-like turtle the size of a kitchen table. We could easily use this as a mascot, but the association of a slow @ss moving turtle and a fire department who is suppose to be quick isn't a good combination. But something along that lines might work.

Is there a famous explorer for your area like a Christopher Columbus maybe??? Or maybe there are some areas of town named after a well known Indian or other folklore type figure?

I think it's a fabulous idea and would even suggest that you come up with a unique logo to go along with it. It gives you an identity that the locals can become familiar with. I think I might write a blog post about this....

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I should have been more specific. The US flag is prominently displayed on the apparatus. The Italian 'flag' is a hose bed cover colored in the colors of their flag. My bad
Sorry man....I should have read it more carefully I guess....I get a little bent out of shape about flying "colors" I see Puerto Rican flags, African flags, Irish flags,Arab flags, German flags and many more....BUT not one of these people will display th United States flag....if you have that much devotion for those countries then go back there....oops....I'm doing it again....Time for me to shut-up.....LOL Stay safe Brother....Paul
Dalmation lifting its leg on a fire hydrent
Our old mascot was an elephant spraying water out of its trunk and was painted on the side of each truck. That is until the chief decided to have them all painted over which didn't exactly help the dept. morale...
Ours is a groundhog.

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