I have a question for other departments regarding firefighters running on the scene. I see many news clips and even some clips here showing firefighters running from building to pumper, pumper to building and accross lots and yards. What, if any, are your policies for running on scene? 


When I was on the department, we were trained never to run on scene, and especially when carrying equipment. When I was in training, I was on a scene helping with overhaul. One of the officers asked me to get a fire ax from the rig. Well, to be so helpful, I took off running to the rig. I didn't get far across the lawn before I was yelled at by the IC. He told me we don't run on scene as it gives an perception we are not in control. (Firefighters never panic, right????). Anyway, I discussed it with our own department folks later, and they all agreed, it isn't safe, and it doesn't give the impression we are in control of the scene.


What are your thoughts on this issue?  Do you allow, encourage or restrict the running of firefighters on your scenes?

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I think that is the best post you've made in this thread capcityff. It accepts that other people do things differently to your FD and are not neccessarily wrong by being different. There was no implied 'we are better then you' in it. Thanks for that.

I'll offer a slight differences in point of view for you though. I don't think it'st a difference between big city and small city organisations that is the key. There are some very large fire services in very large cities that do things differently to your FD. The key is that there are differences between fire services. Simply that. And we will never all agree that there is one 'correct' way to do our job, the world is too big a place for that.

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