A group for firefighters, EMS, and fire department support members who want to put an end to driving drunk. The louder the voice, the clearer we are heard.

Founded in Honor of Christa (Krysta) Michelle Rodriguez. She lives through all of us, as we fight to save lives, this time with our voice.


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I hate drunk drivers... What is always amazing is that everyone is usually killed, except for the drunk driver who walks away... life is not always fair. Let's get drunk drivers off the road and make like a little more fair for innocent people who never saw it coming.

In memory of Clifton Varney, my godson, only son of one of my dearest friends and teaching partners and LAFD Fire Captain that was killed by a drunk driver. He was 21 years old and it still haunts me after so many years going by. R.I.P. Clifton.


Note: The above blood alcohol photo I took personally. Prior to my engine company being dispatched for a medical emergency on the highway, my daughter had called me and told me that an old man in a pickup truck suddenly jerked his vehicle, coming really close to hitting my daughters vehicle. I told her to stay away from the guy, call 9-1-1 and report what happened. She had an angel with her. Ten minutes later, we were toned out and responded to an extremely inebriated individual that blew a blood alcohol that was unbelievable. He went to jail and thank God, didn't kill anyone, including my daughter.

Thank you Captain For Sharing Your Story. The Website above was Started By Thomas S., Who Lost Both Legs to a Drunk Driver In Memory To Krysta Rodriguez (His Station Captains' Daughter) who was Killed here in Houston Last Week by a Drunk Driver.
I Cringe on those 0230 Tones.
Had an MVA in my area midday on Monday. I haven't seen the offical report but what I saw in the aftermath an "old drunk" pulled out in front of another vehicle on a 55MPH highway. He was the only injury(justice CBz) and smelled like alcohol. He even traveled 200 feet after the collision and turned into a driveway then into a ditch even though we had to use the Jaws to extricate him. Hopefully he can't afford another vehicle and start this cycle over again.
Amen Ralph!

Thanks for sharing that story Capt busy.
This is the reason I don't drink to begin with. I've tried it a couple of times but alcohol, like tobacco, doesn't agree with me so I just stay away from it.
you'll live a lot longer making that decision... of course I don't know if you are one of those fruit smoothy kind of firefighter that runs marathons... my department is filled with them. what ever happened to the beefy firefighter verses the new and improved lean and mean gazelle models that seem to be the norm now days.
A drunk sideswiped a engine i was on and really caused me a lot of aches and pain!!!!
I'm hardly the "fruit smoothy" firefighter. I'm currently losing weight but I'm still 6 foot tall and 300 lbs. But I do try to eat less and excersice more. So far I've lost 35 lbs in 6 months. 5 1/2 years over the road driving does a number on your health I can testify to that!

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