Maintaining fitness and a healthy weight is a challenge for many
firefighters. columnist Scott Cook has been
sharing his efforts to lose weight—30 lbs. so far! Check out his latest

If you've successfully lost weight, post your tips, advice and support for other firefighters here. And if you're looking for a little help in the battle with the scale, post your questions to get suggestions from fellow firefighters.

Remember, this week is Firefighter Health Week, so it's a perfect time to renew your fitness vows!

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Weight loss tips... When thinking about that dessert or extra helping, looking at something to motivate you not to eat that "thing" helps. Plus being fat just doesn't look good and can offend others...

Food is fuel, not entertainment...

I couldnt reach that article, it said "Page Not Found" is there another link to it? Thanks.
Im trying to loose weight too, I need to loose 100 pounds at least. I went from a physical job with lots of excercise to an office job...WHOA! I put on the weight real quick and now I need to loose it. Any pointers would be great.
I am having success it is a slow road but it is getting there. I started the journey at 420 and am now down 30 lbs so far. What has kept me going is the job and my friends and family. I was a young thought I knew it all kid and didn't have to pay attention to anything because there was nothing to worry about. Went down south to join an FD that I have wanted to join for years now and got a huge reality check. Now I knew I had been fat but never thought it would ever interfere with me doing the job. Since then I have been eating a lot better and I got hooked up at the local gym by a trainer with a set calorie diet and a circuit workout that gets the heart beat raised slows it down and then throws it right back up again. Which in this line of work is a very good thing.

I have another 80 lbs to go before I am going to start applying to the fire departments again and hopefully this time be able to go back to that FD and ride with them and keep up with them.

Stay safe and good luck to everyone on this journey
Apologies, the correct link to Scott Cook's article is
Apologies, the correct link to Scott Cook's article is Thanks!

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