Well im geting married soon and i wanted to see if thare any thing you couled get from the fire service to put in the wedding. Anything will help me.

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My wife and I got a small fire axe to use to cut the cake, together. It was polished chrome head, an engraving of the wedding date and a nice handle. We still have it displayed in the house
That cool but im thinking about doing somthing bigger.
How old are you?

Are you really a Chief?
If not, this may not be the place to be calling yourself one - since here it has a specific meaning.

NOW on to the WEDDING...


AND YOUR FIRE DEPARTMENT WILL HAVE TO APPROVE MOST ANYTHING INVOLVING THEM OR TRUCKS - so talk to your chief and see what he/she says, since they may not permit their equipment, etc. to be used.

Often with older women - they will let their firefighter husbands have everyone come in full dress uniform, bagpipes and fire trucks - much like a fire fighter funeral.

Most younger women - want the white fluffy dress princess wedding where ONLY THEY AS THE BRIDE ARE THE STAR - nobody, no fire truck, no other uniforms, NOBODY steals her spotlight or attention.

Some subtle ways - have a fire fighter bachelor party a few days before the wedding at the fire house. Then keep the fire service out of the wedding. YOU ARE MARRYING THE GIRL - THE WEDDING IS ABOUT THE GIRL AND YOU - this is not your fire service induction ceremony... which is a fire service celebration.

Other subtle things - reception table top fire service type items. Think 1 per table.

A bigger bang - drive away in the fire truck from the church to the reception... BUT INSIDE BUCKLED UP !!!

OR get full fire department formal dress instead of a tux as the groom.

AND SHUT YOUR PAGER OFF - AND GET ALL ATTENDING TO SHUT THEIR PAGERS OFF DURING THE WEDDING. Get a neighboring town to cover your district if everyone attends.
I'm confused. According to your profile, you're 16 years old. That would make you what, a sophmore in High School? Are you seriously getting married while still in school? Also Heather makes a good point about calling yourself "Chief".
oh 16 - most States you can't get married until you are 18 - Right?
oh 16 - most States you can't get married until you are 18 - Right?

That's all right, most states require one to be 18 to be an actual FF, but some places have no problem using minors on a fireground....why should marriage be different?
ok - so maybe a reason for the word chief in his other life - BUT THIS IS NOT THE SETTING TO USE THAT TERM...

and yes, unless you can pay the bills 100% out of your own jobs - rent, food, expenses - then you are too young to be married

and WEAR A CONDOM - cause no babies as teens too...

since people are weighing in on your personal life too...
16? Yeah right.....
Yep, 16. Hope he doesn't get married yet. He's got a lot of maturing to do... :-/
being preggers is NOT a good-enough reason to get married... WHEN you can not even pay the bills...

if you still have to live with your mama - and can not support a wife... and god forbid a kid... you have no business getting married
don't even get me started on children - playing grownup - on the fire ground !!!
well first im a cadet battlion chief and my girl frined is a firefighter too


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