Hi....Me again....Now this is NOT another Career vs Vollie post...Someone asked for stats (I think it was Heather)...So, I got nosey and found this information from the United States Fire Administration....all stats are from 2008.  Total Firefighters in US    1,148,850...Career 321,700, Volunteer 827,150. Firefighter age groups....   ages....16-19...  4%, 20-29... 25%, 30-39...26%, 40-49...24%, 50-59...15%, >60...6%.   76% of Career Firefighters are in communities of 25,000 or more ......96% of Volunteer Firefighters are in communities of 25000 or less of which 50% are in rural areas with populations of less that 2500......I found this little exercise very interesting (doesn't take much to get me "interested" I guess....LOL)  Stay safe....always remember to Keep the Faith......Paul

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Wht's not true...? The Stats...? Hey, I didn't make them up...they are right from the United States Fire Administration.....go ahead check for yourself.....(from 2008)
would be my pleasure I am sure.....8)
Totally different word the rural and urban...BUT, We also get called frquently to a neighboring district (urban) for mutual aid and up to the present have been praised for our level of training and our work at their fires.....When we go rural we have different issues from urban ...for example...we have to bring our water supply...not many hydrants out in the sticks....Hell many are in the Amish communities and they don't have telephones or electricity...our district is 218 square miles....that's a huge coverage...our average response time from alarm to on scene is less than 6 minutes (of course some are more than "average")...we keep all our stats for the year and review them annually...so we each have our areas of expertise...we don't have high rises...but they don't have silo fires, barn fires and critical water issues...but I think we all do the same thing in the end.....Put the damn fires out....so lets leave the petty BS of career vs vollie out in the outhouse where it belongs......Stay safe.......Paul
That's not true...Volunteers are Volunteers because they see a need for Fire protection and their communities cannot afford a multi-million dollar budget to supply a paid service...so we (notice I said "we") Give our time and often our money to spend countless hours training (after we put 8 hours in elsewhere) so that we can do what needs to be done as efficiently and professionally as possible....almost everyone in my Department has just as much training as any Department in this part of the State....I would go shoulder to shoulder with any of them....OK call it pride...we work hard and we can perform......
boss - please refer to Dust and my discussion on S & M from another thread where he attempts to explain the definition of "being P-whipped"

Sadist - like to give the pain
Masochist - likes to receive the pain

Interestingly in S & M, the dominant actually takes direction from the submissive and the submissive has total control - thus if you wish to be the submissive - who's the boss??? really !

(a further interesting twist on this theory - Bibically speaking - the wife shall submit unto the husband - therefore SHE is in charge ;-) and just permits the husband (as the dominant) to think he is in charge
I think he meant what Kevin said was not true

And if it is anything like it is here they fight more fires then the Career guys ... mainly cause they are called to all Fires in there area, and Career only get called to the ones in the area of the city they cover
btw women like Connection, Continuity and Consistency

hope that helps you keep from getting another boil - on your butt - or anywhere else for that matter
Well said!

What do u mean Dust "attempts to explain p-whipped"? You were confused in the common everyday use of the phrase despite your long diatribe on the possible origin of it. Whatever. Your just trying to bait me into saying that word again!

Deep south huh? Don't make me come up there, pal! And you can forget meeting my sister now!
Mr. Dust - you are in over your head - save yourself now ;-)

I was not personally defaming you, I was just helping Paul understand - without repeating the diatribe.

And you know damn well, ;-O
I know that term well "in the common everday" way

you just thought you'd teach me a thing or two
OK ...whatever...can't comment on what happens in someone elses sandbox.....

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