you can post some of your favorite fire fighter or fire related quotes here, mine is

"I am just another fireman because the story focuses on Joaquin Phoenix's character, but I play Joaquin's close friend and I get burned up a little bit, but I don't die.
Morris Chestnut"

if you could supply the author it would be greatly apreciated

EDIT:-10.17.08- non fire fighter quotes are also excepted,
EDIT:11/26/08 dont forget to add me

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I'm a Truck Officer and these are a few if my own quotes to the new members. "if you want to save buildings, the Engine is over there but if you want to save lives, come with us." Another one is, "My sister can hold a nozzle, but real men carry tools." another one is, " you're on the Truck with us now. One to is good but two are better." another one is, "the one thing that Engine guys and Truck guys have in common us that they both want to be Truck guys." another one is, " The right man with a can can put out alot of fire.". Another one is'" don't just carry tools, know how to use them." another one is, " these tools aren't designed to get you into a building, their designed to get you out of one."
Everything drys out... Nothing unburns.

EMS to me means Elevated Master Streams

If you panic be sure to at least run in the right direction.

Don't hang around when you hear the veteran FF say "Watch this S**T" about a new Chiefs plan of attack.

Anyone can tell you what did happen. Try to be with the guy who can say what is going to happen.

They didn't call the Fire Dept. because someone did something smart.
Never met a building worth a firefighters life
My CPR/AED instructor told us this 5 years ago which I can't forget...
"The drawings on these AED pads are there so you don't f**k up. They're literally RETARD PROOF!"
better yet, firefighter proof
"hold my beer and watch this."

just kidding
people ask me why i would pick such a dangerious job, my responce?

this whole world is dangerious, you can day just going to the store, the diffrence here is im trained to handle the things that im going to face
Volunteer firefighters will do for free what most people wouldnt do for pay
My first day on the job, a Senior FireFighter told me this........

"Keep your mouth shut and keep your eyes and ear open.."

To this day, 13yrs on the job I try and share this with all new hires.

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