you can post some of your favorite fire fighter or fire related quotes here, mine is

"I am just another fireman because the story focuses on Joaquin Phoenix's character, but I play Joaquin's close friend and I get burned up a little bit, but I don't die.
Morris Chestnut"

if you could supply the author it would be greatly apreciated

EDIT:-10.17.08- non fire fighter quotes are also excepted,
EDIT:11/26/08 dont forget to add me

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"Thats the Difference Between Our Small Town Volunteers And The Big City Fire Dept Next Door..

We are Volunteer Fire Fighters, We save Lives & Property."
-My AC
"Hey I was up there doin' it!" - Brian McCaffrey, Backdraft.

"Alright, this is gonna taste like sh*t..." - Steven McCaffrey, Backdraft.
"Sometimes you'll make parking lots, and there's nothing ya can do about it."

"Churches are great for praying, but they're a bitch for fires."

- Leo Stapleton, Boston FD Commissioner (ret.)
great movie
You might be a firefighter if you had to extricate someone by cutting the car doors off on one side and realized there was nothing wrong with the doors on the other side. ~Author Unknown
"Everyone goes home"!
My favorite came from our Chief...He once told me"If someone comes across like they know everything...STAY AWAY from them...they will get you killed".....always made sense to me now that I think about it....Paul
And then there are "Bruno's words of wiadom...(Chief Brunacini Phoenix Fire Chief)"If you let fire live, it may not return the favor" or my favorite"Poorly managed hazmat entry suits: Body bags with a window"...Stay safe all....remember to keep the faith............Paul
i just think the whole story is funny, i still would cut the car to pieces though
simple and to the point, plus always a good objective
when me and some of the other explorers went to oyfeta, there was a instructor there, and he said something i like

"i love stupid people, wana know why? ....job security"
I just can't resist...."Always expect what you least expect the most, especially when you don't expect it....."....Paul

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