Hey Guys,

So Ive been trying to find movies that center around firefighting, no matter how real, fake, funny, or sad it may be. What are some good movies that are about what we all love so much... FIREFIGHTING!!!!

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Turk 182
Ladder 48
Fire house Dog...family...my girls love it!
I freakin loved mother,jugs,and speed laughted my but off, I love the pep talk at the begining LOL!!!!!
If you cant take the heat, become a cop
Fireman, Save MY Child with Buddy Hackett and Hugh O'Brian
you beat me to all the above...how about everyones favorite scenes? mine, elevator scene in backdraft, paul newman & steve mcqueen talking about buildings in the elevator in towering inferno, "the phantom" gags in emergency, "Dames aint nuttin but trouble" in the fire alarm (1920's), mice with matches in back draft, there are more but i'm curious about everyone elses
how a bout the comedy, firehouse--so funny
Fireproof is a good movie....
You might want to see if you can find the movie "Hell fighters" with John Wayne. It's about oilfield firefighters.
There is also a movie put on by Fireman's Fund insurance company that is real good to play for your community, and best of all Fireman's Fund will give it to you, it called "into the fire" by Bill Coulture. Great movitional film and tells the real story.

Be safe
I am trying to find this movie that me and some friends saw back in 2002. It was a bad firefighter movie that was supposed to be a serious film about firefighters fighting a large fire.

The only definite things I can remember about the movie is that the fire was started because some kid was playing with a toy plan, and decided to wrap toilet paper (or paper towels) around the toy plan, light it on fire, and throw it. It then started the room on fire.

There is also a scene in which a firefighter is trying to get past this guy and he has to karate chop the guy to get past him.

It is a very badly done movie, as there is one scene in which the firefighter is in a black jacket and yellow helmet and he is trying to go up some stairs, but the stairs collapse and the camera goes to an overhead view of him falling through the stairs...but when he falls through the stairs the stunt double is actually wearing a yellow jacket with black helmet. Then when the camera refocuses on him standing up he is again wearing a black jacket and yellow hat.

Anyone have any idea on what movie this is?
side note: this was rental from blockbuster, not one in theaters. We rented it and watched it in the barracks.

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