Do you automaticly become a senior member on the department once you get your FF1, I am 18 and soon gonna be joining a department, I was just curious would I still be considered a junior with a FF1 or no, Also almost every weekend I ve been going to my friends firehouse to prepare myself for fire school going over the trucks, doing simulators of an interior doing a left hand man search etc, even how to setup a ladder and how safely work on a ladder.

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Unfortunately we dont have a junior program so we dont have anybody under 18 on our department. To be a senior member on our department you have to have about 3 years on otherwise your still a rookie.
What If you have work? how does that come into play if it interferes with fire school!, I am not looking to do this as a career, just something for me to do on the side.
Once you are on the department, you are junior to everyone else and everyone else is senior to you.
When someone else gets on the department AFTER you get on, they will be junior to you and you and everyone else will be senior to them, but you will still be junior to everyone else who has more time than you.
You will no longer be a junior firefighter. You will be a newbie or a probie until the probationary period has been satisfactorily met.
Keep in mind that those terms are relative.
At some point, "junior, newbie, probie, pup, FNG" will be just a memory.
With regards to work; don't miss work for fire school, unless you are using approved days from work.
NEVER let your volunteering affect your regular employment. Be honest with them. They might just be strong supporters of the volunteers.
But, don't jerk them around or they will force you to make a choice that you don't want to make.
Good luck, FNG.
Honestly, the member status changes according to your department. Although you will no longer be a "junior member", you still will be a probationary member. Let me say this, you need to feel some "real heat" before you can start talking about all your adventures. Be safe!
I guess Id have to tell them straight up one I start that I have fire school certain days of the week at the interview, and if they can't comprehend or work around it, then i guess ill have to look elsewhere. I am looking to go to college next year, once that happens Ill only be at the firehouse maybe once a week if that, probably won't run any calls, but ill hang at the station and chill with the boys.
some depts do that but on mine when i got my fire fighter 1 cert i had to submit another application to the dept this time it was an application to be a member instead of an explorer
Well you won't be a junior anymore thats for sure,but you will still not be a Senior either! you will be a member holding a FF1 Cert, it takes time so don't worry about the senior part of this, listen to the guys that have been on and have done the job for awhile and if you do that you will become a good FF with there help and your training, I guess what I am saying is be patient and listen and learn from those so called Seniors because there your best tutor you could ask for.
typically "senior" is applied once you reach 18. FF 1 will (should) aid you in placement in the departments training requirements. Most departments (sadly) do not require such a level of training. I say keep going, train, train, train, keeps your skills sharp. Some of the mistakes us "vets" make are simple core training issues that we forget or take for granted (it can't happen to me) Stay safe, good luck!
In California, you have to be 18 to even test and in most cases our departments dont hire until you're in your 20's. FF-I is not so much a rank as a certification through the state fire marshals office. It is usually obtained if you have worked 6 months a s a paid firefighter or a year as a volunteer. As far as "senior" Im sure that depends on a lot of different things, usually set up with in the department or station. For example: At my first station I was 5 years on and STILL the junior FF on that shift at that station, all though "pay grade" wise I was at top step. Some departments have a "senior" firefighter rank. Usually senior is just that...SENIOR!
thanks guys, like I said I train every weekend with my boys they tell me what to and what not to expect. Only problem is once I get a Job and start going to college, How I am surpose to do fire school at the sametime.
At the volly house once you turn 18 and obtain firefighter 1 you are a firefighter you must serve a 6 month probabtion until you are considered a regular member. You are not a senior member until you have been on 5 years and at 10 years you are a life member.

We also have 16 year old junior members we call cadets. Once a cadet recives firefighter 1 they can ride and go interior on a fire with officers descretion. The only thing they can not do is respond on hazardous materials incidents. I joined the FD @ 15 got FF1 and 2 at 16 been rolling ever since.
thanks for the response's guys, does anyone have an answer for, How could I do fire school, work and college at the same time, where I am fire school is only 2 nights week. I would have to get dayshift hours for work, but then Id have to make time for college as well.

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