Times are getting worse and we as firefighters have been faced with many dangers over the years. As some may remember, a firefighter was shot and killed as he was getting off the engine last year! While this made national news, I'm sure it happens more often than reported in the headlines. At my department we're close with the sherriff department and we look out for each other! But we recently had an inccident where there was a domestic dispute and it was stated that the assailant was armed but he was gone. He did leave, but he came back and the sherriff was still enroute. Even though we were suggested to stage the rescue and Batt chief went in to help! After a few uneasy moments the sherriff showed up and everything turned out ok! Do you think that at least one person, like an officer, should carry a gun as a last resort defense?

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Nothing new to add to the discussion except to say I fall into the "NO" camp for all the reasons outlined already.

I'm with you John, Again the answer is " NO "

Put simply:
Firefighters help people and rescue people.
People with guns, kill people.

If the situation is dangerous, then pull out and wait for the cops.
Sooo true.
Even though we were suggested to stage the rescue and Batt chief went in to help!

And there in lies the problem. We can't be blinkered to what's going on, and we must maintain situational awareness.

At no stage should the Chief have done what he did, no matter what's happening on the scene....

In another discussion on this site, someone referred to it as free lancing. What hope has the department got when it's the Chief doing it?
Luke, Does this mean that I can't go to a house fire or church and enter with both six-guns blazing away? C'mon, dude, don't your and your family make a fine backstop to catch any rounds that don't hit my intended target? Bbbbuuuttt, I'll feel so much more secure if I can carry a gun on the rig, even if it gets taken away and used on me or my crew. After all, a sense of security is more important than real security...right?

Only go in if you have the RPG's that someone dropped out of their bag in another post on this topic... :-)
gun no. tazer maybe. and what your chief did was stupid. i have an explorer that he says "i am pd trained i can go in with out pd" i mean on my fathers dept (vol dept) we have a retired dep chief of pd and a fully sworn cop so id have to say maybe in those cases
PD or not, I'd still say no.

They are not equipped as a PD member would be when in their FF role...
where I live most of us carry a firearm in our POV. But they do not come into the firehouse unless it is something like a show and tell over a new firearm. and then it is brief and promptly put back in the POV. Also many of us carry concealed weapons. But as far as carrying on duty. No never happens and it is also terms for release from duty. Or whatever you would like to call it. So the short answer is of course NO
If you're going to carry RPGs on a call, you may as well have one for each hand, plus plenty of reloads. :-)

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