We are looking at getting a power cot, and I want to know witch it better the Ferno or Stryker? 

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Ummmm and what color are they....? Can Jrs. use them...? Career Department or Volunteer...? LOL I just couldn't help myself....I can be such an asshole....LOL
Hey Paul, you forgot; What color lights do you have on your cot? LOL
I gotta go with Stryker on this one. Never used Ferno, but my F.D. upgraded to the Stryker power cots years ago. One word: Awesome!
Power Cot ----------------> Power Nap?
I did get to ride in the back of one of my Ambulances once as a patient, and as I recall the cot was quite comfortable.
Monster Medic
Monster Medic's PowerMedX has a very thick mattress that actually is comfortable.

Well, maybe not compared to a waterbed, but still comfortable...
Was it the X1 or X2 model?

We played with the X1 for a while and made several recommendations that were included in the X2 model. We ppurchased X2's for our entire fleet, and the crews really like them.

It took some retraining to get everyone used to the differences from our previous manual Strykers. Now that we've had them in service for a few months, we've found that they work well and that no serious problems have been reported.
We use the Stryker. They perform well. Lifts about 750 pounds. Not too heavy (the cots.) Uses a DeWalt battery. Great back saver.
looks like stryker wins by a land slide! Now witch one? The XT, IT, or TL? and has anyone use the SMRT battery? What is the "BAD" of the styker?
guess they can't push the buttons either....
Now you've stumped me Skye. I'm not back at the firehouse til Wednesday, but now I'm curious. Not sure which model we use.

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