whats the feeling to responce in huge FIRE ??????

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Do you mean what do you feel while responding to a huge fire? (not trying to be smart, but this is how I interpreted?? your question)

I feel scared, not of the fire or the building, but a sick to the stomach scared that someone will be inside, and I would not wish that on my worst enemy....
I am think crap all nighter , no sleep, please don't let me get stuck in the tanker because I will be the last to go home.. Please can we start the surrend and drown method of firefighting nothing left to save so please can we stop dicking around... I have to pee at some point damn I hope trees are close....
I am thinking about my job and what is going to be expected of me once I arrive in accordance with the riding position I am assigned to.....I am also trying to focus because I am excited!!!!!!!!! I know firefighting is dangerous and it can kill people.....but thats what I signed up to do was fight fire and when I get the chance to do it I am happy, excited, and elated.
size up size up, match the critical fire ground factors with your risk management plan and reevaluate continually. Not taking a residential house fire mind set to a warehouse in so far as size up, attack positions and line deployment. Hazmat, exposures, and best position for ladders in defensive spots. Managing your crew or division effectively and making sure your communication is the best it can be to ur crew and command.

Be safe
At first I think cool structure fire. I get so exited. They reality sets in "Oh SH--" Well then it's I hope that everyone got out. I hope that it stays at one structure are we going to have people for a search if some one is inside. As soon as I can see smoke my first thought is I hope that we have called in mutial aid. I hope it's on there way. They when we get there I just pack up and do what I do best. Try to put out the fire.


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