My favorite super bowl commercial was a toss up between the budweiser and doritos. I loved when he went to play catch with the dog and the horse came back with a whole tree branch. Lol

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anybody see the Doritos beer commercial? lol!! if not you tube it! lol.
I myself liked them both and what an exciting game it was The Steelers were great.Plus if your hungry theres nothing like a good beer and some doritos ... Climb the Stairway to 7. Hughie The 57 House GO STEELERS AND GO PENS!!!!!!!!!
Budlite skier commercial
Yes but Jason we in The SixBurgh never underestimate any team and we go out and play our hearts out because We are The City of Champions The City of Black and Gold and we are family and the players realize that too. The players came over and Thanked Mr Rooney for letting them play for The Rooneys and The People in The Burgh and you don't find that to much anymore so you can say we are a very close knit City of hardworking and developing people and we are people that have always cared about others . The Cardinals are an excellent team afterall its made up of most of Pittsburgh draft picks from Pitt and Penn State and other local schools and the ExSteelers Coaches which is what makes them unique, Yes I was damn proud to play Arizona when you have players like Curt Warner and Larry Fitzgerald and Ken Wizenhunt and staff and players you have to take your hat off to them because Fitzgerald is fabulous if not thee best in the NFL the only thing I would have Love to Seen happen is that Fitzgerlald could have got drafted by the Steelers to run with Hines Ward what a set of wide receivers that would have been the greatest in the NFL!!! Well Larry came from Pitt and I will always be proud of that and I think alot of these teams should look at the talent thats right in their own backyard. Well I hope both teams have a great year next year and they both play as well. It makes you proud that the best players came right from PA. The Cardinals are a First Class Organization and can always walk tall with Pride... Hughie The 57 House Stairway to 7
Anybody see the onion dip for the Dorittios and a nice cold Beer made from Pittsburgh? Hughie The 57 House
Hi Asst 29, You have to see that game it was the finest SuperBowl to be played and Both teams have so much to be Proud of along with the State of PA. I will be watching both teams Next Season. You know one of The Chicago Bears players was Doug Plank he played for Norwin. He lined up opposite of Gary Fencik and Plank hit so hard in the practice season that they finally let him go because he had so many concusions. But Doug was One Hell've Football Palayer that played under Ohio Sates Coach Woody Hayes and now Ohio State has Jeannettes Terrell Pryor at Quarterback and he is only a freshman so can you imagine how much talent he will develop in the next couple of years and we wish him the very Best.Hughie The 57 House

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