What color is your explorer helmet?

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we have the black firedome style, but we ran out of em so i have a traditional style black helmet
Our Junior Members wear Black Helmets like everyone else, but with an orange front piece that has a big white J on it. Above the J is the name of the department and below it is the rank Junior. This is similar to our adult probationary members who wear the same except the shield has a P and says Probationary under it.

By doing this, your helmet stays with you throughout your membership, this was a big issue for allot of members from a sentimental / historical perspective. So now you start with orange (J), move up to orange (P) at 18, then get a black front piece when you come off probation and in theory a white front piece if you become an officer.
In my department, Explorers have orange Firedome helmets with Explorer on the sides and the department crest on the front, but if we buy our own helmets, we are allowed to use them. Probies and up have 1010s. Probie and firefighter helmets are yellow. Probies have black shields and ff's have orange shields. Captains are red with white shields and chiefs have white with white.
my dept uses all metro style helmets, white is chief, red is assistant and captain, black is firefighters ... probies and rookies have a big yellow r on the back of there helmets
nice helmet, makes be miss my cairnes 1010.. but i had buorke shields and my front was blue and yellow
our department everyone wears a red carnes 1010 helmet an officers wear white.
Our explorers do not have structure type helmets. We do have bullard cap style veg helmets but thats about it. We all have full structure and wildland gear/PPE except for structure helmet. I personally have a red Cairns helmet I use for training as well as a black Cairns helmet for the same purpose.
we as regular fire fighters have black new yorkers..our explorers get either the l.a. county darth vader helmets or a red green and blue reflective tape on the helmet
yellow just like the firefighters.wish we would go to black and keep jrs at yellow
We use the old yellow ones, but we painted them and now all the juniors wear dark green.
im in an explore program and our helmets are blue and say explorer on them

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