Awhile ago our company did this for awhile but had problems with it...if We had a truck driver at the station we would put that on the road first if it was our box and full assignment,the idea was the truck can position itself where it needs to be positioned the engine behind will hit hydrant go inside and all that...Seems simple right? NOT! sometimes the engine was still a good x minutes out,or there was an engine crew(mutual aid usually) that did its own thing.Our truck is a quint so to speak 105 ft ariel ladder,7 ground ladders ranging up to 35,2 roof ladders,pump,500 gallons of water,and hose 5 in,1 3/4 inch,and 3 inch,but was wanted to be run as a truck only so there were those problems as well. We took it out first for automatic alarms as well. We are back to run engine out first. Now if we had a crew for engine and truck i wouldn't mind truck out first for that reason but one crew should be engine what does your department do and would you agree if the truck is first out?

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I agree with the engine first and leave room for the truck. Our department has the engine first on all calls except for mutual aid calls.
for all the calls we have , there is many company on the run ( engine and trucks) we always want the engines in front of the trucks past the adress. so most of the times it`s the engine who`s leaving first the station
We normally respond pump or rescue pumper first, then ladder. An alarm call will get 2 pumps (1 usually a rescue pumper) an aerial and a chief. Downtown may get the High Rise unit assigned as well. We respond lights and sirens to everything except check calls to an address we've already been to that shift.
that is true we are volunteer so it'll very we could have 3 one day and 6 the next
we run a completely different system, Our Quint is our first run city truck and can is used as our primary truck, our Engine is the back up, and hydrant supply. On country calls our Engine rolls first with tanker support from contract people.
But our system is different.
if the ladder company can pump water like you said you guys can use that as the pumper
Why run a quint as truck only?
Engine First.
That is actually two different issues. Our two quints have 500-gallon booster tanks and run as engine companies, despite having 103-foot rearmount aerials on 10-wheel chassis.

Our engines at the non-quint stations have identical 500-gallon booster tanks and pumps to the quints.

Our truck company is quartered with one of the regular engines. When they run together, the truck always leads in order to save the best aerial spot for the truck. Our engine companies are pretty good at stretching hoselines around the truck if that's the situation.

For volunteer stations where the rigs are not leaving together, it might make sense to send the engine first if the truck isn't a quint.
We try to get crews for both truck and engine. But if the truck doesn't have a respond able crew and there is already and engine in route then we staff the truck and the engine in the same house leave later. In the same sense activated alarms for us are 2 engines, tower and the rescue, until deemed a false alarm or a full assignment.. Personally I know we need cross training for engine to truck and vise versea but the best way to get a good truck crew is to have guys that that is all they do is truck work and not worrying about pulling a line. Which is an on going problem in our department. Anyway the engine should pull up first leaving room for the truck, but due to different reasons like driveway layouts and other kinds of obstructions there isn't always room for the truck that's why the engine should go first to let the incoming truck crew know what they have.
If it is your first due district, The Engine, What happens when the second due Engine breaks down or wrecks while enroute? Trucks ops are usless without water support. And your engine should be equiped with tools to do minimal truck work, ground ladders, a saw, hand tools. But most importantly water....
You can't stick the roof if a pump is in your way. Where I worked it was always ladder first. It's a bonus to be able to supply water too.

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