just wondering if in your department EMTS are issued helmets. obviously those who are ff/emts would be issued them. but im just wondering if those who are only EMTS have them? and if so what color?

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Tracy, have not been on ff nation in  sometime.  Just saw your recent post because we have a Orlowski in our dept. a suburb of Buffalo, NY.  Anyways our emt's are ff's and wear blue shields now and we probably will switch to blue helmets.  ems and fire capts. have red helmets now and want yellow helmets for Lt's who have yellow shields only.  chiefs have white of course.  Rich

Everyone at our department is a firefighter. Those who are EMT's (most of us are either basic or medic) may have a sticker on their helmet and an identification badge indicating so, but nothing else, not even on the shield. No separate color for EMT's. Just the usual yellow for probies, black for ff's, red for officers and white for chiefs.

Yes our EMT are issued helmets and they are the blue Cairns 660 style (tupper wear style)

On my Department we have one paid per call EMT and she has a Yellow Helmet

So to sum it up, it is dependant on state, department. What State are you? That could narrow it down.

California its blue helmets for EMTS

In Lancaster, NY Lancaster Vol Ambulance Corp. we had the option to buy a blue helmet, metro style. Now with the advance of Rescue helmets, blue rescue style helmets have become the norm. While working in EMS at Rural/Metro, I carried my Metro style helmet and used it several times at MVA's and structure fire stand by's. Very few fire dept's in the Buffalo area have an EMS only division in the fire dept. A few, but not many. The few I know of have rescue style helmets in blue and Morning Pride EMS gear in blue / Navy blue that is flash fire retardant or jump suites with the same specs.

We do not issue them to EMTs but we have 2 helmets in each ambulance. They are blue.

The color is blue with star of life

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