HI Folks,

We got a small under funded non-transport rescue and I am looking to find SOMTHING to put my people in for clothing.(no, they do NOT show up naked!)
When I was full time EMS we did the uniform pants and shirts thing which for a call service is useless. Previously, we had these navy blue and reflexlight jackets and pants from globe that were all "bloodborne pathogens" etc. I dont know how much we paid for them, but my gut tells me a buttload. Chief and Town Adminstration saw our people wearing their coats in public and had a cow, stating they had to be worn on calls only (owing to how expencive they were).  Since no one can wear their coats out, no one wears them anymore unless they happen to have them when the tones go off.  The pants almost never got worn and with turn over it is hard to stock them in sizes to fit whoever comes onboard next. The stationhouse is way to small to have sets of EMS gear hanging next to the turnouts so we have to wearing whatever when we get there.  The result is pretty much everyone ends up responding in street clothes.  Bloodborne resistant is great, but since people arent with their suits 24/7 the advatage is lost.  

We do have regular turnouts for MVAs, but wearing turnouts to medicals is just dumb.  I'm tempted to get a couple of big ass EMS "raid jackets" and leave them on the rig and have people just throw them on when they get to the call.


So the question is, what do you folks do?

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best solution might be a combination of buying jumpsuits (several sizes will probably cover most of your members various sizes) and keeping 2 or 4 of the really good jackets to keep in the unit.  

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