Well I've been on a diet for a month now and I'm taking a Fire Officer I & II class also. what really gets under my skin is that my instructors "preech" healthy firefighters but then if you look over at the desk on the side of the room you'll see 50 donuts, coffee, pop and candy. At lucnh they bring in enough pizzia to fill a cow. If we're supposed to be in the health swing then why all this junk food. there should be a veggie tray or something instead of donuts. Does anyone else see this same problem or what do you do.

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I agree! This makes me laugh. i simply bring my own lunch. Now every once in awhile ok. but there is a line where you have to draw and say no. Lead by example i say.
I see it all the time, most of the in house guys on days bring in thier own food but some still eat bad.
Thats what I do, bring in my own lunch.

I've seen the feeding frenzies while in the company of large crowds especially organized groups. I'll bet the mind set
" if everyone else eats like this it must be OK" drives that train of thought. It sure takes discipline to break away from that. TCSS
A healthy life style is self discipline. No matter how bad I want you to be healthy and eat right, its not going to happen unless you want to be healthy, and vice versa.
I do agree that it looks horrible when people preach one thing and do another. The best form of leadership is leading by example.

That's funny... Actually at our firehouse there is lots of junk food to snack on after a call. I try to eat healthy.
Breakfast food at a training class is a nice gesture. Generally, the firefighters who attend a morning training have eaten at home and the doughnuts are a "snack" of sorts to compliment the coffee. Nobody puts the doughnuts in your hand, you do. As far as lunch goes, I am not one for pizza. It is cheaper and much easier to go to a grocery store and cook a meal for those in attendance. (plus much healthier)

I know it sucks that at times, thats all thats available. Use moderation and make it your personal choice to say no to doughnuts. (yes I know this is a cop joke in the making)
I don't care that there, I still wont eat'em but when they go off on being heathy and there's donuts next to them.
Yes I see it all the time. Its so hard cause guys do what they want to. I have turn around and started to get on the move to watch what I eat . All the time its just junk even in the store its hard to find something good to shove in your face. I am tired of it.
My god, man; I got off the starches, sugars and carbs.
I ride a bike 9 miles a day, free weight for 30 minutes and ab exercises for another 15 minutes.
What do you want from me?
I am going to smoke a cigar and give it some thought.
Maybe I'm missing something.
i feel there is a need for firefighter fitness and eating heathy because a big problem that i have read about is firefighters having heart attacks on a fireground operation due to firefighters being so over weight and outta shape. i know what you mean though about what instructors offer in their class room i know when i went to school to become a EMT the intructor would have donuts and all of that junk but here lies the problem we cant tell other memberss what to eat and what they cant eat it is up to them but i see where your comming from
How's the diet going?
Around here, I am seeing more healthy choices at classes and seminars. Yeah; there's still the obligatory doughnuts, but there is also fresh fruit and juices.
For lunch, there are also healthy choices such as salad, turkey and soup.
When you don't see the food that is on your diet, then portion control is very important.
Also, if the food is offered on a bun, take the meat, but skip the bun.
Pizza is actually a healthy food, as long as you don't eat enough to "fill a cow".
You have to outsmart the caterer.

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