Last week I went to lunch with some co-workers (non-FFs) and the discussion rolled around to my involvement with the FD. One of the guys said "well, you must have guys that just join the department for the drinking". This recalled to mind another comment by someone, some years back, who swore that ALL volunteer FFs drank at the station and "those who say they don't are lying".

In my department you might find a 6-pack or two if you look in every nook and cranny, but we really don't touch the stuff on drill night or after calls, or meetings. There just isn't stuff to touch. In the late 80s we had the converted soda machine that dispensed several brands of beer but we got rid of it because the Jr. FFs were becoming interested in the stuff.

So - what is your department policy or practice regarding alcohol in the firehouse?

NOTE: 10/16/09: I started this thread over two years ago to gather input from other volunteer firefighters on FFN as it was then. The new theme is, what steps can we take to make America's fire houses 100% dry?

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Recent posts on this site have compelled me to re-think my position on this matter.
I'll drink to that!
Are you buying?
Hell, no! I'm at work and all my cash is soaking wet. (Hey, rookie! Your Captain is ready for another cold one.)
Thanks, guy - I needed that.
My pleasure, Joe.
Hey Joe, I push 'add reply' to your other post and guess's already gone. You do that or did......arrrrg......
Nope, not I Jack. The cat must have gotten it.

I believe I'll have that drink now...
We allow alcohol in our firehouses. It comes impregnated in a little square wipe that we use prior to starting IVs. It doesn't cause intoxication, and it keeps the meow factor down.
so you guys take your alcohol intravenously?
I've been swallowing the wipes, that way my breath doesn't give me away.
Nope, just wipe with the ETOH and take the salt water IV. Coincidentally, it's called "Rehab".

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