Should a member who showes up to a trainning course under the influence of alchol and kicked out of that trainning couse still be apart of the company? From a recent story i have heard there was a member from a company that showed up to a course under the influence and all he got was a slap on the wrist and that was it, i dont know if thats the type of person i would want manning a hose behind me or on a search and rescue team with me not only putting the patience life in danger but everyone in the companies and myself

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Without knowing more about the situation: I'd have to agree with an instructor who bars the firefighter from the class. Then I'd probably be in favor of placing the individual on company probation at the least.
Should a member who showes up to a trainning course under the influence of alchol and kicked out of that trainning couse still be apart of the company?

I would say they are not allowed to train, going further by requiring them to get a ride home vs letting them drive, but they don't need to be kicked out of a company.

It would be one thing is a person was chronically showing up inebriated or responding after drinking, but just because they showed to a training doesn't mean they need to be booted.
Jason, depends on how frecuently that person drinks or how much. If it's only once, he or she deserves a punishment. Otherwise, he or she should be ordered to seek proffesional help and maybe re-assigned to do other tasks. That's my experience of 26 years of service, where I even had mates with drugs problems...
and don't forget that our job demands too much of our mental strenght. The problem is that there're a lot more rescuers with hidden alco or drugs problems...
First offense - bar the student from the class, give him a ride home (don't let him drive), and report him to his chief.

Second offense - too bad he wanted to be a firefighter.

Our job is dangerous enough without mixing alcohol with it.
What kind of training, classroom or practical? Is the ff paid on duty or a vol? Was he
shit faced or just had the smell of alcohol on there breath?
Ever thought of the why?
As for how to handle it.
Sounds like it was handled about the same as I would.

But define "under the influence". This was discussed not too long ago because perceptions have changed.
Yes, define not only "under the influence", but "slap on the wrist" as well.
Not knowing specifics and going simply on your second hand information, I wouldn't want to comment specifically about your case.

That being said, any member that shows up for a training session, call, work day, or any other fire department activity under the influence should at a bare minimum be suspended for an extended period of at least 4-6 months. In my opinion, it should warrent immediatte dismissal from the department.
With all due respect, any member that shows up for a fire department function after drinking sure as hell ain't my brother.

Sure, some may say it's "only training" so what's the big deal? What happens if we get a run during training? Bottom lineis he is impaired and he sure wasn't thinking about the his brothers well being when he downed that beer before heading for the fire station.

By the way, this also applies to "brothers" who show up to training and runs impaired by the effects of some over the counter and perscription drugs or simple exhaustion/lack of sleep. "Brothers" don't come in if they aren't mentally capable of operating in an emergent situation and "brothers" don't but the other volunteers on scene at risk.
thank you all for the replys and this individual is both underage and it was a ff1 class
I feel the course instructor did the right thing on his part , a big safety concern for all involved in the course . And if i was his chief he would have at least a two week suspension and a thirty day probation .

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