[i would first like to apologize for the typos i WILL make, its 2 in the morning and im drifting to sleep,]

i know this might be a bit late, but i just started thinkign about it and it got me steaming mad.

people usualy tend to remember where they are and what they are doing when somethign important in the world happens, for instence, on 9/11 i was in 6thgrade art, making potery. a teacher came running in and turned the radio on to listen in, she was crying, and i also noticed many of the other teachers were botherd, we left school early that day, they keept talking about towers... i didnt know what school had to do with towers but i was glad i was coming home. i walk into my house and my mom is watching the tv, the video of the planes hitting the towers showing over and over again, she had a blank face and didnt say anything to me,

my point is. most people today dont remember that, they dont remember where they were, they dont remember the 343 brothers we lost that day, they dont remember seeing the sight of those two towers falling... well i will tell you soemthing, i remember.. and to this day, when i see a video of the towers falling, a tear comes to my eye.

Did you know that at my school we didnt even have a moment of silence on 9/11/08? there was no speaches over the speaker of the men lost, no prayers, no videos of it, nothing.. and tell me, why? did people forget or do they just not care anymore?
A buddy of mine that i met at a fire academy lives in NJ, and he told me they did have a moment of silence at their school which made me feel better, but what he told me next made me furious, a girl actualy asked "what is so important about 9.11?"... how does someone so close to New york not remember something like that? did they forget or is it shear ignorence?

Did these people forget about 9/11 because they dont live in NY?
did these people forget about 9/11 because they didnt know anyone who died?
maybe they just wernt affected?
or maybe they just dont care...

someone please tell me why people in this world dont come to notice something as important as that...
because i dont get it,
i just dont,
do they not remmeber?
or is it that they just dont care?


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This is amazing Dale, I love the points :)

Take care and stay safe,

Remember 911 & the 343
This is Awsome Dale, As Jamie said I love this point.

Stay Safe Brother.

9-11-01 Lest we Forget the 343 Brothers and Sisters
I can tell you everything that was doing on that VERY horrific day. I don't have alot of time to go into great detail But one thing that I can say from the botton of my heart is I WILL NEVER FORGET. To this very day When I close my eyes I can still see the planes hitting the towers. The people jumping out of the towers. And to this day I still cry about that when I think about it.I cry for the fire fighters,cops,everyone who lost there life, and for the ones who lost someone that horrific day. I will always lower the flag to half mast til the day that I die and take a moment of silence till the day that I die. And most of all I will NEVER EVER EVER forget that day.

If it's the last thing that you can remember let it be 911.
To all of you that died that day I promise that one thing you can be sure of is that I WILL NEVER FORGET.

You bring up some very interesting points to say the least. There was a time that I felt somewhat like you do. "Why don't people remember?" I would say to my crew. "Why are there not more 'celebrations' of this OUR day". Then I had to sit back and look from the outside for awhile.

WE remember. My department and many in my general area still have memorial services. Individuals from local fire departments have put on memorial services. It is up to US to remember OUR fallen. Believe me America has not forgotten. I have had the opportunity to be in several other cities outside of my jurisdictions on several 9/11's since 01, and believe me PEOPLE REMEMBER.

The last administration went to war over what they say were the reasons behind the 9/11 attacks. Whether you believe in this war or not, war has a way of making you forget what the initial "reasons" were. On one hand it's hard to focus on the 343 and put aside the thousands who have sacrificed their lives in Iraq...for OUR 343.

As damnthing pointed out. It wasnt just 343. The losses that day were alot more. In the words of Tommy Gavin "we live in an ADD society." We move on. We have other things to do. We have work to do. Some of OUR work is to NEVER FORGET. Departments wear patches and pins on uniforms to commemorate that day. We have stickers and decals and logos on apparatus. Pictures and plaques on the walls of our houses. We have not forgotten. Nor shall we.

Do we need a "firefighters" day? A "patriots" day. Maybe. However, we also need a police officers day. A sanitation engineers day. Dispatcher day? Families of the fallen day? Maybe. We could fill up a calander with all the "days" that people think should be memorialized. That doesnt mean that we will be thinking of all that went into that day. Im surprised at how many people don't even know why we have a "memorial day" or a "Veterns day" or even a "Labor Day".

Suffice it to say that America HAS NOT forgotten and will not forget. We in the fire service honor those 343 everyday that we work. There have been very few days since those attacks that I have not thought of where I was, or what was going on that day.

I will leave you with something that I wrote on 9/11/02.

The 343

It was a normal September morning
A typical New york autumn
The city of steel, neon and concrete awakening
The hustle, the crowds, the traffic
A day like all days-get up! Go to work
The three hundred-forty three

In a instant, the blink of an eye
The unthinkable carries us away
Satan himself came through our front door
The call came in. First units responding
There was honor that day: Everyday
The three hundred-forty three

They're just normal guys like you and me
Fathers, sons, uncles, nephews...BROTHERS
To them everyday makes a difference, everyday matters.
The dark reality suddenly becomes clear.
One tower collapses, then the other. Inside...
The three hundred-forty three

They were lost. All lost, just that quick.
"Father Mike" was even carried away...lifeless.
Too many times we see firefighters following a casket.
We hear the pipers mournful tune.
They gave up all their tomorrows so others could have today.
The question is, how many people are going to remember/ even care 10 years from now?
5 years from now?
Theres going to be a new generation of kids asking..
Whats 9/11 mommy?
...and its up to US to let them know. People have all different opinions on this subject. We can not expect someone outside the fire service to feels exactly the same as we do. Just like people in the "house" feel different about this subject and many others.

In my opinion I feel it would be impossible not to remember, I feel at the time of the attack most of the world cared. I know i I still well-up if I see a rerun of the attack or watch a movie depicting the event, not only for the many many people who lost their lives and those who tried to rescue them but also for the fact that our country lost it's security or innocence that day. I do believe that there are those who may not care as much as others and those who relive the horror everyday. Many try to forget about it because it is painful and they want to make it go away but it never will. We are reminded daily through the acts of Homeland Security, or watching the news how many soldiers did we lose today. For those who were or are in Emergency Services I believe they see it so much more personally than those who were not involved. Just as I cannot image how it must have felt to have lost a loved one that day or to have actually been in one of the buildings. I can't imagine the terror the emergency responders must have felt when they realized the ominous, life threatening task staring them in the face. You are wonderful to care so much but please know you are not alone in your thoughts and prayers. I wish you well and hope you got a good nights sleep. God Bless Julie
i was well aware i was going to get some shit for this, and thanks for opninon, im aware there are many more who died, i was making more of a apeal to the firefighter community seeing im on a firefighter site, everyone is not ignorant ill give you that, but the people where i live are, at least from what ive seen.. hate me love me i dont care, if you want a argument go somewhere else

ps, i dont think it should be made a holiday either
I know I already commented on this post but I need to say one more thing.Last night when I read this I just skimmed through it. Today I read it again and it seem to me that the only thing that you remember is the fallen firefighters. Not anyone else. Stop and think.... Try to remember that there were alot of cops that died. There were alot of regular people that died. So I guess what I'm trying to say is what about remembering the others that died and not just the firefighters. Just my opinion.
It seems to me that people in general seem to be in the "10 second sound bite" mode these days.... Things change so quickly, and they are bombarded with story after story of some horrific event somewhere in the world that they have short memories.

I do not.

I can remember every horrible scene from 09/11, and I will continue to carry the memory of the 343 brothers, the NYPD and PAPD cops, the EMS responders, the military brothers and sisters at the Pentagon, the patriots and the victims on Flight 93, and all of the innocent civilians who did nothing more than go to work that September morning and were murdered by an organization that had the unmitigated gall to call itself a military organization, and that the attacks were a military operation..

There is nothing I would like better than to see Osama Bin Laden's head on a pike pole in front of "Ten House".

I would also like to tell all of the conspiracy nutjobs that they are indeed crazy, and tell all of the Hollywood entertainers, that fat pantload Michael Moore, and all the rest of the whackos who said that the United States DESERVED to be attacked, and that the people who were murdered DESERVED it exactly what I think.

It is OUR job to remember those who sacrificed their lives that day trying to save all of those helpless people who died. It is OUR job to make sure that the story remains true.

People WILL forget.... If we let them.

Joseph A. Lorenzetti
AKA 144Truck

awesome...STRONG, good words
if i could go to the trade center i would, if i knew my school wasnt going to have a moment of silence i would have said something [and i did after the fact]. i want to our fire dept who had a moment of silence and had a momerial up for the men,

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