Not everyone is into putting stickers on their vehicles... Some might have a tendency to go a little overboard. Where do you stand on this? Do you have one or more fire department related stickers on your vehicle? Do you justify having the decals to prevent getting a ticket or do you just like stickers?

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It was free and came with my I Fight What You Fear t-shirt!
I have a Union sticker, Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation and a NW Quadriders sticker on my truck... I generally dont do stickers,am proud of all three groups and don't care who thinks what about em.... I have seen way to many firefighters who over-sticker their vehicles to show/prove they are a firefighter... is this necessary? Does it make you a better firefighter, give you hero status? just curious....
Are you trying to convince yourself or others?
I have two small ovals one is "FF" and the other is "EMT" with the star of life. On my wifes car on the top of the rear window "Firefighter/EMT"
Not to advertise, or a "get out of a ticket" Just a little somthing to show my pride in what I do/who I am.
How do I get these stickers? I like the "RETIRED" banner. :D

Two small window stickers in back window, maltese cross with chief of department and maltese cross with department name on it. Not trying to get out of a ticket but take pride in being a firefighter, also sparks up conversations with other firefighters if I pull in somewhere and they see the stickers. I was in Denver, CO for christmas last winter and had a fire dept.(department name on) shirt on and met a retired FDNY that was at 9/11 at the hotel pool, had a good talk with him. I agree with everything Padre Pete had to say and anytime I see a "whacker" sticker or t-shirt i'll avoid any conversation with them because they've seen it all and have done it all!?!
okay seriously....whats the big damn deal of stickers on pov....i have a few, plus lights on my POV....lights for safety while on scene, and stickers, because im damn proud to be doing what i do and i didnt bust my ass off for years to not have that pride. i dont understand why people are so 'angry' about stickers...really, get a grip.
I've never been a fan of department stickers on cars. What's the point? Other than perhaps highlighting that you should know better when caught driving like a fool!!!!
i dont disagree with that...stickers, lights, BEING a firefighter/emt, does not give anyone any more permission to drive any differently than the average joe...and if youre gonna have stickers on your vehicle, you should be smart enough to follow the laws.. it really pisses me off when ppl join these departments for the wrong reasons, such as permission to have lights, radios, and that sort of thing, so the ones who seem to think running people off the road while en route to a call is necissary...really honks me off.
If anything, having a department sticker, or a general "I'm a Firefighter" sticker on your car brings a greater responsibility to drive safely and abide by the laws and rules of the road.

As Firefighter the public holds us to a higher standard; so too should hold ourselves.

dust is just screwing around because you know all of the volunteers think that way right?

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