Not everyone is into putting stickers on their vehicles... Some might have a tendency to go a little overboard. Where do you stand on this? Do you have one or more fire department related stickers on your vehicle? Do you justify having the decals to prevent getting a ticket or do you just like stickers?

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I go with my dads philosophy with fire related stickers...If you have them on your car,and you do something stupid ppl can identify your car and the sticker and you can get your self and the department in trouble.
i have 2 fire dept stickers on my back window
I have "Fire Rescue" on my POV and thats it. No deptment name.
i have one large Maltese Cross on my Back window and a few stickers on the sides but far from overkill.
I would hope most policemen would have enough respect for their job to not let someone out of a ticket they deserve just because they are a fireman.

Now, if we're talking about a fireman responding to a fire in accordance with whatever exemptions from standard traffic laws allowed by that state and they get pulled over, I would hope that the policeman would base their decision on some form of proper identification of that person as a member of a fire department rather than a sticker that anyone could slap on.
yeah Ted, you are weird.... LOL
ummm... so no worries, just don't do anything your mom would not approve of.
You don't like get out of jail free stickers?

I have an IAFF and Department Decal on the back. As do most of the career FD members around here.
It is pretty normal here. Don't have any I fight what you fear... or bring it on type stickers. No cartoon with a guy flexing his arm...
Only sticker ony vehicle is the registration. Not out to advertise
Amercan Flag, St. Andrew's Cross, and a bumper magnet (no stickers on my car!), which I love watching people try to figure out ... "I enjoy manipulating mechanical devices which propel small lead projectiles through space at a high velocity". :D

I would hope no one ever uses stickers on cars (or special tags) to get out of a ticket they earned. Wrong message!!
But you know how some people get when they get dispatched for a working structure fire...I don't mean that to bad mouth anyone...just using that as an example

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