The new look for the FFN webpage is impressive and professional in my opinion. The one drawback that I don't like, and the sole purpose for my personal involvement here on the FFN is the discussions between firefighters and the fact that the new format buries the discussions.

To gain access to the most recent discussions, you have to click onto the homepage, scroll down to latest discussions, and then, when a new page finishes downloading, you have to scroll down again to find the latest discussions. That's a lot of clicking and inconvenience compared to the "old" way that required only opening the FFN webpage. 

Watching the evolution of the FFN site, the number of user generated discussions went from ten (10) to five (5). Now, the "Latest Discussions" are totally controlled by the FFN, verses being the actual latest discussions. So... the meat and potatoes of the site, what we share, is difficult to access. 

I don't understand why there was so much hype for the new format, only to find out that the key ingredient for the site, "firefighters", were being pushed further and further back into the site. Do you think this is cool? I don't. That's my personal opinion.

Plus I hate having to click the computer key board any more times than necessary sometimes...


UPDATE: The good news is that you can click this link to see and use the more familiar, simpler, user friendly website. 

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Just my opinion:
I do not, will not blend this with facebook, different site, different reasons, different people. They are as separate as a wife and mistress.

Second, BLOGS! There are (occasionally) some good/decent blogs, but mostly it seems that people post random shit like we're all interested in that. Sorry...NOT. Same goes for (ducks) notes from a probie (or whatever it's called). Really? Some "probie' writing rambling, self-serving nonsense? Come on let's be real, the only person that reads/enjoys that is the "author". (think...masturbation).

I pop in to look at the discussions and, because it's been blended, some of the news, and i'll look at the blogs but to tell the truth, less and less, especially the blogs,

Bring this back to where it was, for firefighters to "socialize" and mostly to exchange ideas and opinions. If people want a facebook experience, let them go to facebook. How about creating something different and UNIQUE? That might be a draw. Otherwise, it's myfacespaceNationtwitter.
You must have a sense of humor to be the WC Dave, which you clearly have. When you do your WC thing, just think about trying to herd cats...

Just a quick note, based on today's traffic -- breaking out the news stories, the other categories of the forums appear to be on par or better than an average day in terms of traffic. The new site didn't launch until 10am ET, but ... so far, there's no significant drop off and in fact perhaps a little more participation or at least viewership.
Mike/Jack/FETC, I am with you guys. I come to this site for conversations with FF's. Now I cannot find the conversations or have to plow through a ton of crap to get there. I do not like the changes. I can get everything "new" that is being offered on another site. Probably will do so, I won't be spending much time here unless there is an easy way to get to the top 10 of 15 subjects. Right now too complicated to find and discuss my helmet color or lights on my personal car!
Not a fan yet, but need to spend a bit more time searching around and getting to know the new look and feel....

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