Ok a neighboring department is offering R.I.T training we have a few on are department interested, me being one of them, but there are a few people against it, well me because i am 5 foot 2 inches and about 115lbs i have had all the same training as them i can do my job they think since i am small i cant do it but i know i can i put 110% into everything and i will never let my department down! What do you guys and gals think? I am going to it regardless of what they think!

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I encourage all members in my department to take all the training that thy can. I can’t stand people that try to stop firefighters from taking training the more knowledge you have the better.

Everyone goes home
DON'T LET ANYONE HOLD YOU BACK FROM TRAINING!!!!! I'm RIT 2 cert and let me tell you this is some of the best training i ever had! GO FOR IT!!
yeah angela jeremy is my husband!!!
GO for it,like everyone eles has said. dont let anyone hold u back from training and gaining knowlege that may save you or a fellow firefighter someday
i am 5 foot 2 inches and about 115lbs i have had all the same training as them i can do my job they think since i am small i cant do it but i know i can

First it shouldn't matter what others think, kudos to you for wanting to learn something new and to better yourself. People with the attitude like some members, fail to realize there are many tools in the toolbox, and such training will show you several. You will learn there are several ways to drag a FF out, different techniques and so on. Do the training, learn and hopefully you never have to perform what you learn. Perhaps you will find this training as something your dept should host, or very least encourage all members to attend. Easier said than done, I know, especially if you're volly. If anything I would suggest that those of you who do attend, take some of the training and skills back to your dept. If all members gone through, you and them would learn quick that it doesn't matter the size of the person, but RIT is a team effort.

Our dept recently did some similar training, from self rescue to RIT and there was not one scenario where someone couldn't do the task. You can never go wrong for looking at ways to improve your knowledge and skills and to take advantage of training opportunities.

Enjoy the training, it is some important stuff to learn.
i think you should do it hight and weight shouldnt matter so you do what you think is right
sorry typing has been a issue lately.i am all woman. jeremy is my husband!!!
Just to let everyone know not all the department is against it just 3 people, the 3 people who that have been against me from day one about joining the department. When we do our search and rescue training i pulled out a 180 lbs peson and still went back for more.
My only concern would be if many wanted to attend and there were only a limited number of slots available...if that were the case I would say base it on seniority......BUT...I am all for getting all the training that you can...And , no I don't care who you are....Go for it girl.....Paul
Go for it and give 110%. You can never have too much training. Don't let other people dictate what you think you should or should not do. I say go and good luck and stay safe.
Im 5'8" 135lbs, little bit bigger than you. RIT isn't nessarily about strength( it does help),It is more about technique, My Chief brought in a couple guys from around where he works that specialize it RIT and they showed me how to pick up a guy that weighed 300lbs by technique not by strength. If you have made your in house trainings and participate in your department there is no reason you should be denied that.
Though I don't like to get the battle of the sexes going, I have been to RIT training and there were male participants there that were as small as you.
So, your size should not be a factor.
If you have met all other minimum training requirements for your department and you would like to participate in RIT training, then you should.
Volunteer departments do not have the luxury of platooning their people. On any given day, those who show up must be able to perform ALL firefighting tasks; RIT being one of them.
You should not have to fight to go to training.
No one should.


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