I have set here for over an hour debating weather to post this , I'll probably catch some slack for posting it.  so if this helps any of our first responders do their job better and serve the community faster and better I guess I can handle a little criticism . I am not picking on any one specifically, so please don't get your panties in an uproar,
     I usually have my pager/radio on 24/7 so I can listen to things around the county. I often wonder why some dispatchers are afraid to speak loud and clear into their mic's when they are giving an assignment to a department or agency. It makes it that much harder to hear what the assignment and the address is (who knows we might be driving right by the emergency on our way to the station), Sometimes. it is good to be able to know where you are going and what the call is about before you get to the station. also if you run mutual aid with other departments, hearing their call loud and clear allows you to start getting ready and start towards the station for a faster response. Having to ask the dispatcher to repeat nature and location especially if they are busy with other calls, screws up everyone's train of thought.. yes some departments have smart phones that they can rec the alarm by text. depending on their carrier they may or may not get the full amount of information. Communications is a great thing when it is used properly. Please speak up so we can hear you better. if we turn up our volume to high in order to hear it we might get another dispatcher speaking an blow us out of the air, there has to be a happy medium . Don't get me wrong I'm not bad mouthing you. You are an important part of the alarm but please speak up so you can be herd, someone's life may depend on it.. I'm sure I'm not the only one that has recognized this because I have herd others from different departments speak about this also. Thanks for listening, stay safe.

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