Tell us about one thing that you did today; on your last shift or alarm that made a difference to one of your company personnel or department personnel. What kind of legacy are (will) you (be) leaving?

Or, what would you have changed yesterday, if you could go back and change it in retrospect?

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Yes, you make a difference ! You may never know how or why, but you did, (ever seen it's a Wonderful Life?)
My Prayers and thoughts are with his family and his FD FAmily
I agree with Engine Co 913, I have taken 2 younger firefighters under my wing and have dragged them to classes, training, and calls. So instilling brotherhood in our younger generation of firefighters is very important and sharing the wealth of knowledge the veterans have is very important. I enjoy watching the younger ff who have the ambition to help those who are in need. Take Care all and Stay Safe.
I also agree in a lot of smaller departments and a lot of volunteer departments that i see now a days they're all trashing each other even firefighters from the same department a whole lot of back stabing goes on in my firehouse and its sad really. because every time i go there it is as though i am watching a brotherhood die more and more each day. We should all be looking out for each other no matter what! White, African American, Hispanic, Male, or Female it doesn't matter we all do the same job. Sure we may disagree on some of each others tactics but we all still accomplish the same goal, because in the end all we really have is each other no one else is coming to help you when your trapped but your own brothers or sisters. And this should be our legacy that we leave while were here and when we're gone, every day. That no matter if its needed to be done or not to be done that we will be there for each other and even if we never need to make that sacrifice for another the fact knowing that we are willing to do so should be our main and ultimate legacy.
I helped to encourage a fellow FF to hang in a little longer rather than to throw in the towel.
That sure is. Good job.
You just never know when you may need to pull a rabbit out of your hat.
Every one of my crews and firefighters on my shift knows I have only one (1) objective each day I come to work. That objective is, "that each and every one of them will be going home in the morning, their safety is all that is important and nothing else matters." So what if a 25 ton red stop sign wsith wheels gets smacked by someone trying to go through the MVA scene, they all will be going home in the morning. So what is the attack on a building is "stop at front door and apply attack water from the door frame because the roof is bad, everyone is going home in the morning.

After 29 years of reading and learning (I learn something new every day) as a fire guy I have learned one thing for sure, "there is no reason for anyone to die or get hurt." The cars will be replaced, the buildings repaired, and the contents replaced, no sense to get dead.

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