Lookin to see some pics of your decked out POVs. I have a 2005 dodge Durango black with a 48in light bar. Generation 3 LEDs blue with an arrow stick on the back of it. Also have grill lights with 48 LEDs each and rear deck lights with 18 LEDs each. Front of the truck has a chrome brush guard also tail light guards. 5.7 l hemi. 

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While I'm NOT disagreeing with you (on the topic of discussion) I would like to point out that you and I first crossed swords in a discussion titled "What type of pumper do you have." 

I made some comments to the OP that I basically thought these types of discussions were a waste of time, ultimately you responded with the following:

Reply by Don Catenacci on October 24, 2011 at 9:20pm

"I am always amazed, on so many forums, how someone will post a seemingly innocent topic and others jump on them about it.  Almost like they are forced to read and comment on every topic. 

 Look, it is really simple.  Look at the title of the topic.  If you don't want to participate because you have seen it a million times, or you find it innocuous, or repetitive, then pass the topic by.  Heck Dudes, I pass by far more topics here than I comment on."

I think maybe this is one of those seemingly innocent topics of which you describe that, if one finds it annoying or of no merit it should be passed on.  I'm just saying... 

I thank you sir. 


You are right.  I will leave this topic after this one last comment.

I suggest that EVERY volunteer/paid on call firefighter that runs their POV with red lights, with or without a siren, check with local law enforcement about the status of their vehicle when they are responding to a call.  I also even more strongly suggest that you take your vehicle to your insurance agent, show them the lights, and siren (if you have one) tell them EXACTLY what you are intending to use your vehicle for (running hot to calls, blocking traffic, etc), and see what they have to say.  Because the time to find out what your status is under the law, and perhaps more importantly, with your insurance company isn't after the accident...

Be safe.


By the way Jack...no one dies because of the brand of pumper they have.  Too many die, or kill someone else, every year because of driving like an idiot with wacker lights.

It's all about "due regard", doing what any one else would do in that particular situation. I feel I drive and act with due regard.  regard

I've always believed that you don't have to "deck" out your POV to get the job done. I have a $60 dash light, and $70 strobes in my headlights. I hardly ever use my lights because I live about a mile from the station (however, living in a retirement community I often find myself behind someone traveling less then 10mph). Anyhow, I know for a fact that my POV can move traffic just as well as someone who puts 3k worth of lights on their vehicle.  I'm not saying I think its stupid of a bad idea because if I had enough money, I admit I would probably be a whacker....however! As long as you're careful I suppose theres nothing wrong with it.

Reading through this thread I have have to agree on a general consensus......who gives a crap???


Sure I could disregard this discussion, but then again I agree with the issue Don makes here too. Unfortunately we see many LODDs from responding and returning from calls, and many of them in POVs. Yet, we see such justification for such numbers when it comes down to something as arbitrary as how "decked out your POV" is? What does it freaking matter?


Here is my issue.

One pays to have this crap put on thier POV for whatever freaking reason. So when a call comes in the aspect of being able to showw off all this money and work comes into play. Then you have such a thread like this asking to examplify and show how "decked out your POV" is, and for what?


I could care less if you say you abide by all traffic laws....I don't buy it. I don't care if you say it is about a courtesy and most peole move for you...I don't buy it.


In fact I see such a thread and only see more of a reason to brag, show off, and flaunt what one has. If one needs to obey all traffic laws....then why flaunt? If one is doing this as a courtesy, then why care what others have?

What everyone is failing to see is I did not start this post to discuss whether you should or should not have lights on POVs. I simply wanted to see other volunteers vehicles that do have lights, decals, paint jobs etc. I have the option on my dept to have lights on my vehicle do I chose to do so. Others have as well. So trying to get past the feelings of like or dislike if any of you have nice vehicles with nice lights pleas show them. 

Actually, what you are failing to see is that aspects go hand in hand. Sure you have the option, but why should it matter? This thread is nothing more than a helmet or turnout gear color type of thread. What does it matter?


Actually I see this more so about an online type of whacker car show in how their pov is decked out. Who cares? Why? Are you expecting a prize if most decked out?


Pursuing such and aspect, even just to farkle at other rides, leads to what here? Showing the fire service is more a hobby? If decked out, what does that say? I spent money on this, yet I drive in the speed limits, obey traffic laws, etc, etc....I call BS.

Maybe ( I say maybe because I have not asked him, and I really don't care to) he sees these whacker pov's in the same light as an old car enthusiast sees a decked out 69 gto judge or a fancied up '57 chevy. Just eye candy. He doesn't seem to be asking what people think. It seems as though he just might enjoy the looks of a vehicle done up with pretty lights that flash and blink. Maybe he is actually proud of the work he's done and wants to compare it to others'.

I'm 100% with you on your comments in that it doesn't matter who has what for lights. And that they are adding factors that raise the chances of them receiving a ticket or a toe tag.  I, myself, do not and would not have them, (I think that to have lights, a person needs to take emergency driving courses and register their vehicles as emergency vehicles and get the proper insurance for them) but I can't fault someone else for enjoying and wanting to see other POV's with such lights. However, this thread should not have been started in the general firefighting and rescue heading. Maybe he should have started a group instead.

To each his own.

I apologize for my chaotic meandering response...just coming off the graveyard shift.I normally wouldn't bother posting on this but the guy just wants to see pictures of whacker mobiles. I say, start a group and don't put thses BS threads in the general FF & rescue heading. it doesn't belong there.

I said I was done but after reading some more of the comments I will make this last post.

1)  My #1 POC FD after decades of not alowing them allows red lights on POVs.  I was the lone dissenter and was adamant in my reasoning that we haven't needed them for years, why do we need them now?

2)  I do NOT have any lights on my POVs and I still beat most people to the station.  Following the traffic laws and stopping at stop signs.

3)  The neighboring POC FD has run lights for years and we always got the blame when they blew through our town at high rates of speed, well over 65 in a 25 speed zone.  This is a real boost to the citizens view of their firefighters, NOT!

4)  I really don't give a damn what you do Paul.  It doesn't affect me.  But don't expect me to believe you drive the speed limit and stop at all stop signs withyour vehcle lit up like a Christmas tree.  Because I am not bying it. 

5)  If you don't REALLY know the law regarding red lights on POVs I suggest you consult your state stautes and stop going by Joe Blow a senior dude on the FD says so.

6)  Tell your insurance agent exactly what you are doing in regards to the red lights.  You may not believe it but some insurance companies will jack your rates and some may not even insure you any longer.  It is far too late after you have an accident to find out you were wrong about your coverage.


Have fun...personally I laugh at guys that have lightbars, grill lights, rear deck lights, side lights, and 7 antennas.  I see it as nothing more than a wacker, look at me, aren't I cool thing. 

Well thanks to other "wackers" driving like you describe, people like yourself don't believe that there ARE "wackers" like me that do follow state laws and regs regarding lights and volunteers. Indiana runs blues for vollies so that people know we are vollies. Not an emergency vehicle. Our surrounding states however do run reds. And depending on the type of vehicle they are on some may think they are police or other emergency vehicles. 
Our dept is pretty strict on how we volunteers conduct ourselves in the eyes of the public like most other depts are. I absolutely enjoy being on the FD and would do nothin to jeopardize that. 

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