Lookin to see some pics of your decked out POVs. I have a 2005 dodge Durango black with a 48in light bar. Generation 3 LEDs blue with an arrow stick on the back of it. Also have grill lights with 48 LEDs each and rear deck lights with 18 LEDs each. Front of the truck has a chrome brush guard also tail light guards. 5.7 l hemi. 

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Sorry I will add a photo soon. 

WOW!  What a cataclysmic waste of money.

Why do you say that? I probably only have $300 bucks worth of lights. The truck is awesome with or without the lights. 

I look at guys with their POVs all decked out in a totally different way than I do other firefighters.  Mostly it is completely unnecessary and is more a "Look at me, aren't I cool" factor than anything else. 

I do have a serious question for you though.  Why do you need an arrow stick?

I sincerely doubt that is only $300 worth of lights unless you bought them used.

Yes sir I bought my lights used thanks to eBay and Craigslist. Our dept is combination so we volunteers go directly to the scene. Unless its a mutual aid call. I have used my arrow stick to hold traffic during and after calls while the engine backs onto the road and during vehicle accidents in the middle of the busy street. Also in the winter here in good ole Indiana I can use my whites and yellows to pull cars from ditches as a way to make a couple bucks. 

Sorry, NO.  Unless the FD is paying for any damages to my POV I am not using it to block or direct traffic.  I wonder if your insurance company knows you run your POV as an emergency response vehicle.  Some insurance companies won't even cover vehicles used like that that are privately owned.  Good luck, because I see it as only a matter of time before your vehicle is going to get blasted and you will be screwed.

No sir we do not run them as emergency vehicles. We cannot run red lights or stop signs. We are volunteers and we volunteer to put lights on our POVs. We volunteer to put our vehicles on the road. We volunteer to run into fires. If I am in an accident on the way to a call it's my problem. I would have to call the cops jus like any other joe shmoe. I could wreck on the way to a call or on the way to Walmart. The driving is no different than any other day to day activity. Cars pull over as a courtesy. It may even be their house we are going to. Who knows. But thanks for your concern on my vehicle and my lights. 


Posts like yours are generally frowned upon here because they tend to lend credence to the perception that vollies are whackers. Personally, I don't care one way or another, but be aware you may have to play quite a lot of defense on this one.


Yes sir I agree. I'm not looking for arguments. I would've signed up for Facebook. Jus like seeing nice vehicles with nice lights. 

No sweat.


You are delusional if you believe running to a call with redlights doesn't make your vehicle an emergency vehicle in the eyes of the law.  Further if you are acting as a firefighter, and believe me being a volunteer doesn't exempt you, and you block the road using your redlights your vehicle IS an emergeny vehicle.

And further don't play the "I am a volunteer look at me card" because I am a member of 2 paid on call FDs (volunteer), as well as being a career firefighter and it doesn't fly with me.


Ok then you have a good day and be safe. 

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