I feel a little embarassed to be on this site since I'm not in the Fire Dep. nor am I a rescue professional but don't stop reading yet...
I'm here because I can't think of a better place to ask for advice!

5 years ago I was the victim of an assault. The first guys to show up where the Firefighters...
When I was a little girl, when anyone would ask me what I wanted to be when I grow up, I would answer: "Firefighter!".
Today, I'm divorced, I raise my son on my own, but I had to keep a job I hate in order to pay the bills...

I'm a single mom of a 7 y old little boy, I live in Miami, and have worked my butt off my whole life, and I want to be a firefighter. I know...I'm far from being the only one..
It's not the job "security" I want, but more the service provided, the possibility of being helpful and even saving a life, being there when there's a need...

The issue is: What is it with people telling me that "You CAN'T do it! It's TOO HARD!" ??? I figured it all by myself, thank you..but why can't I? I mean, yes, I gotta start running again, I gotta have to stop smoking, I want to live a healthier life. I gotta go back to school at night so I can keep my job, take care of my son, but I'm driven.

I haven't looked into the exact "path" to follow yet, in order to acquire as much as I can before I take the test. I was pretty sure I wanted to do this, before I heard so many discouraging things about my not being "strong" enough (I mean physically) to become what I always wanted to be: A firefighter. Being a single parent gives me strenght and motivation to do anyhting I can do show my kid how life should be lived. Do your best, no matter what and nothing should get in your way as long as it feels right but yet...I'm lacking confidence now...

Among you guys, there's single parents I'm sure, and I want to be out there and start changing my life in a positive way! But by starting this I'm afraid I won't be able to be there for him.

What would be YOUR insight on this? should I do it? How long is it going to take me (more or less)? Is it selfish of me to want to "help out" others and not spend as much time with my kid?

Thank you for doing what you do...

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I have been "smoke-free" starting Sunday, March 8th...going through absolute HELL! lol! But it all started when I realised that I wanted "out" of this 'miserable' life I'm living right now. So I looked at a few firefighters' websites, Talked to you guys, also to a couple of friends, who are firefighters or who know firefighters and here I go ...

Right, now, it's the "no fun" zone...pissed off most of the time, at myself that is... :) for being such a DUMBASS to have developped such a strong addiction to nicotine...it's super tough. I haven't smoked for 4 whole days, today is the fifth...I HATE it! lmao! but I'm keepin' on...I'm going to give it my best shot...Quit once when I was pregnant, but was different that time, I guess the hormones helped lol! Now, I'm quitting for a completely different reason. I want to give it a try. Really...I'm going for it. You are such a great group of people that it's impossible not to want to be part of this!!! Just hoping that I will be able to entirely focus on the learning/training soon...right now, got a GIGANTIC CIGARETTE on my mind...and it's taking a lotta space!!! hugh!! lol!
Being told you cannot do something that you know you have the ability to do that is bull. GO FOR IT and show that boy of yours the true talent inside of you. I know you can do it, don't let anyone tell you different I may not be in your vicenity or anything but I can tell you that I know and have faith in you and I know that you can do this. Good Luck if you do. Check with the Fire Departments around your area and go from there Good Luck.
hey i live in broward county and volunteer with bso fr
did u enroll in miamidade college yet ?? let me know theres plenty of place where u can take emt/paramedic in dade and broward county where in dade do u live ?depending on where u might wanna try broward college since the program is really good and schedule usually works great
let me know wat u up to
this is my email lu1ska@yahoo.com
ill try to get u some info about fire school
and stay away from the smokes it will kick ur butt on the academy

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