I feel a little embarassed to be on this site since I'm not in the Fire Dep. nor am I a rescue professional but don't stop reading yet...
I'm here because I can't think of a better place to ask for advice!

5 years ago I was the victim of an assault. The first guys to show up where the Firefighters...
When I was a little girl, when anyone would ask me what I wanted to be when I grow up, I would answer: "Firefighter!".
Today, I'm divorced, I raise my son on my own, but I had to keep a job I hate in order to pay the bills...

I'm a single mom of a 7 y old little boy, I live in Miami, and have worked my butt off my whole life, and I want to be a firefighter. I know...I'm far from being the only one..
It's not the job "security" I want, but more the service provided, the possibility of being helpful and even saving a life, being there when there's a need...

The issue is: What is it with people telling me that "You CAN'T do it! It's TOO HARD!" ??? I figured it all by myself, thank you..but why can't I? I mean, yes, I gotta start running again, I gotta have to stop smoking, I want to live a healthier life. I gotta go back to school at night so I can keep my job, take care of my son, but I'm driven.

I haven't looked into the exact "path" to follow yet, in order to acquire as much as I can before I take the test. I was pretty sure I wanted to do this, before I heard so many discouraging things about my not being "strong" enough (I mean physically) to become what I always wanted to be: A firefighter. Being a single parent gives me strenght and motivation to do anyhting I can do show my kid how life should be lived. Do your best, no matter what and nothing should get in your way as long as it feels right but yet...I'm lacking confidence now...

Among you guys, there's single parents I'm sure, and I want to be out there and start changing my life in a positive way! But by starting this I'm afraid I won't be able to be there for him.

What would be YOUR insight on this? should I do it? How long is it going to take me (more or less)? Is it selfish of me to want to "help out" others and not spend as much time with my kid?

Thank you for doing what you do...

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being told you cannot do this thats bull, with your determination I think that you could do it. Start by checking around for a volunteer or a combination dept. and apply for a position and work your way up from there. Go for it You Can Do it If you really Want to.
I agree with John .. I can't do it means you don't want to ..From this post you want to.... It sounds like you have it hard and your heart is in the right place.. There is alot of commintment to being even a volunteer fireman.. Go and talk to a volley dept, and see what you can do for now.. mAYBE Join the ladies Aux until you get a feel for what need to be done... Sometime things in life get in our way and you may never reach the goal of being a fireman.. But it's ok to be here this is what we are here for ok.... Ask for help any day.. I got your back ok...
Go get'em girl, we all have faith in you and I'm proud of you for wanting to make a better change in your life.
When someone tells you "you can't" it means they don't want you to succeed......Do it anyway !!!!
Take your son to the neighborhood FD...all departments are eager to show the little ones around...and while you are there intoduce yourself, ask questions.
Different areas of the country work differently, for our area the County puts on different fire classes that you can attend to get your FF1 and further.
Frequently municipal depts require you to be an EMT also, check into that requirement.
Good Luck
wow.... :)
I'm amazed by the kindness around here...
Definitely want to look into this more seriously now, and you guys brought my hopes back up!
Thank you-thank you!
I would be so darn proud to be a part of your team, I mean, "for real"!
Going to Miami Dade Community College this week-end to enroll and get my paramedics first.
I'd like to go to school for a specific training but there's a million of those in miami, and I want to get into the one that's going to prepare me the best. Any idea?
Do not let anyone tell you you can not do something. the reason most people tell you that is either they do not know how or are just afraid to do it. If you have something you want to do go for it.
I am a firm beliver in you can do ANYTHING if you set your mind to it. If this is what you truely want then do not let anyone try and stop you. If you show half as much passion for the job after you get on the FD then you make one hell of a fire fighter. Good luck and stay safe.
Don't be afraid to go for it just because you have been told you can't. Your determination is what will get you there. Strength is not just a physical trait, it is more mental. Put your mind to it and you will find that it's not that difficult.
As far as not having or spending enough time with your son you need not worry about that. Imagine how proud he will be of his mother when she makes it and achieves her goals. It could become a lesson learned early in life for him. Yes it will take time but the end result is worth it at least as far as I'm concerned.
Go for it! Let us know how you make out. Good luck.
It's going to be a long process but after reading all of your posts, I am motivated enough, and it's time for me to get out of my "safe-zone". I will stay @ my current '7am to 6 pm' job in order to keep it real. Will take whatever evening/week-end class I need to get my paramedic's first. I need to start working out again though...And I have to say that it scares the **** out of me!!!! lol!
Going to start easy on those rusted legs...Time/schedule will be my only issue....have to figure out a way to keep junior busy and not alone during that time...But I'll make the best of it.
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Well Maruska what is stoping you if you feel you can pass all the test and the training then do it dont sit there and pounder on what other people tell you go with you gut .

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