If this guy is actually a member of this Fire Department, he absolutely should be wearing correct PPE. If he isnt apart of the Department, why is he up there in the first place?

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Could be a touch of gout, don't ya know, from all that rich seafood ya been eatin' down east, ayuh.
I think this photo captures the essence of what it means to be a firefighter. Consider this, the very FIRST firefighter was a guy with no training and no PPE. But when he heard a cry for help, he went and did something about it.


Realllly thick gloves if the cat is scared,lol.
Oh, Davin is 'private', Doesn't want anyone to know anything about him other than his age, gender and status in his FD? That is, if anything shown is correct.
Forget the guy in the picture is what I want to know is why? is that cat not wearing it's PPE
It's plain to see the property owner needs no PPE as he is perfectly positioned to pluck the precariously perched puss from the partially open picture window. Priceless!
You know....the only thing sader than this stunt is people that do this for a pofessionally thinking it is funny....

Get a grip. The guy had more to fear from the cat sinking its claws into him than the few wisps of smoke curling out of the window.
Yes, I am sure....But none-the -less he had no business on that ladder...and the lack-a-dasical attitude seen here scares the hell out out me. This is why we bury people each year...it stems from a cranial rectal problem that many seem to have (Head up ass syndrome)
I know we are only a "Volunteer" Department but we don't allow ANYONE on a Firescene without complete PPE...if you show up and aren't dressed appropriately then you are told to go sit in the truck or rehab area....NO EXCEPTIONS....Guess whose ass is responsible if someone such as this clown gets hurt...? And what might the lawyers make an issue out of...? And guess who will pay the $$$$$$$ down the road...? OK, I have said more than enough....I have shot my load....I'm done....next subject.
There is a big difference from fear than there is for respect.....I'm not afraid of smoke...but I do wear scba when going inside....why...? I respect what it can do to me and my partner...and I have also been taught to expect the unexpected/to adapt thanks to the military....
Funny that you should mention pets....we had a fire and brought out a 6 foot python...with nowhere else to put it we put it in a sheriffs patrol car...problem was we forgot to tell the deputy.....LOL he found out on his own.....LOL I am just commenting on an unsafe act...that's it...plain and simple...in the foreground I see two members in full PPE assumming they are preparing to enter the structure...I think they very easily could have dealt with the cat.....and here in NY, once we are on scene it is ours until we leave, tape or no tape.....after that if we wish to return we have to get permission or a warrant.....

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