Does anyone have experiance with cordless headsets and mikes on their apparattus. We are thinking about them for our new engine, but one asst. chief says they don't work. I'd like to hear some real hands on comments. Thank KM

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We don't have the cordless ones but we do have the corded headsets. The cord hooks to a portable radio giving the driver plenty of mobility. It works just fine although I like having the ability to hear the engine as it works as well as see it in action. Hearing sometimes can tell you of an issue before it arises.
The plan here will be the operator will wear a single ear piece headset. he will unplug in the cab and plug in at the pump panel, being always tethered to the engine. It will be a top mount pump. The thought of some is that with the cordless headset the operator would have mobility around the apparattus while in full contact at all times. I am just trying to find someone that has used them and give me the pros and cons.
We have it on our first out engine with a single ear headset that plugs into the pump panel. We have not had any problems with it. We've been using it now for a little over four years now. One nice thing about it is that it tends to keep the operator within a couple of steps of the panel. Ours has a fifteen foot cord which allows the operator to have enough length to get from the panel to the inside of the cab without disconnecting if needed. My opinion but I think you will find it to be a worth while purchase.
We have one for our driver is the traditional headset that covers both ears (only downfall)...ours reach for about 2 and half blocks crystal clear...i definitely suggest it!!!
Thanks for your input. I had hoped for more replies. An article I had glanced over made it sound like the hot setup, but I knew the site it was on is used to hawk products. I do have to say the lack of negative replies is a good sign. When we have problems we do tend to quickly warn others to avoid our troubles.

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