Recently concealed carry has been passed in my state and there have been some questions regarding some policies or what other places handle issues. Now I understand the majority of people here live where concealed carry is legal and looking for some input as to how you deal with such issues, particularly EMS related as:


Do you transport patients who are armed?

If transporting a pt with a firearm, who do you turn the weapon over to?

How do you handle the armed pt with an altered level of consciousness due to low blood sugar or trauma? Who would disarm the pt and where would a weapon be placed? (especially if law enforcement isn't available)

Do you have a chain of custody for weapons?

Do you have an SOG/P etc in place addressing concealed carry issues?

If a pt is conscious and alert and refuses to disarm, is that considered a refusal for treatment for you?




For the most part, the stance we are going to take is scene safety and leave disarming or weapons removal to law enforcement. The dept doesn't want FF's handling firearms, but the question has been asked about the grey area where a pt is unresponsive and EMS arrives before law enforcement?

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That is why I am saying you have to follow your local laws.


Not that simple when there are no laws established, nor SOG/P which is why the question was posed in the first place.


That is why most people will not comment because they don't know your laws


Someone doesn't need to know the local laws in order to comment, which if you go back you would see I asked what other depts do and if they had something in place. I could care less about all the particulars, but apparently, given the lack of responses, there are no policies, guidelines, etc addressing the issue in the vastness of all the states, communities and depts.


Once you start anything for the public you cannot stop them from bringing a weapon on your property.


How so? Any private establishment can set their own rules even if they do serve the public. In the case in question, the issue is about hospitals and a hospital IS a private entity for most cases and can establish their own rules, even if it means not accepting weapons.


If you are stating everything you say here is a state law, then that consitiutes a law, policy, etc, which is what was asked. Does your state law also dictate a training requirement for responders in how to disarm a pt and render a firearm safe too, or what that fall on the dept? Since you say you have to transport a weapon with the pt, does the state law dictate where to keep the weapon or is that up to the dept? See where I'm getting here? 

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