Recently concealed carry has been passed in my state and there have been some questions regarding some policies or what other places handle issues. Now I understand the majority of people here live where concealed carry is legal and looking for some input as to how you deal with such issues, particularly EMS related as:


Do you transport patients who are armed?

If transporting a pt with a firearm, who do you turn the weapon over to?

How do you handle the armed pt with an altered level of consciousness due to low blood sugar or trauma? Who would disarm the pt and where would a weapon be placed? (especially if law enforcement isn't available)

Do you have a chain of custody for weapons?

Do you have an SOG/P etc in place addressing concealed carry issues?

If a pt is conscious and alert and refuses to disarm, is that considered a refusal for treatment for you?




For the most part, the stance we are going to take is scene safety and leave disarming or weapons removal to law enforcement. The dept doesn't want FF's handling firearms, but the question has been asked about the grey area where a pt is unresponsive and EMS arrives before law enforcement?

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Understood John. Up here in the northwoods we are used to firearms. Just about everyone has them. But now with the concealed part of it, is where it gets a little more tricky. As you stated in your original post, transporting and what to do if they refuse to give it up is going to be an issue. Now we could have a 65 yr old person with chest pains that has a concealed weapon and whether you find it on him at his residence or while what ???
Hoping to get some more input to get these questions answered, Bull.

Surprised nobody else out there has anything whatsoever on this topic.


There are alot of states that have a concealed carry law, but no one has any policies apparently !!!

On another site Bull, I did see more responses to this. It is ironic though, of how many "personal" policies there are, despite the fact several believe it is a non-issue.


However, the latest news I received from our EMS DC was our local LE will take custody of weapons for EMS calls. Not sure if this is all factual or if details were worked out, but it does change things a bit too, because the hospitals are still wary.

Well.....with only a week left, I guess we will just take it day by day. Hopefully its not an issue, but it only takes once, then we will find out how policies may change !!!

Your new law is our old one. Our new concealed carry law allows anyone to conceal carry WITHOUT any permit. John still waiting on a response from the city lawyers. It is in research.


I think you need to work this out according to your local laws. I live in Utah and with a CCP it is illegal for any public place to refuse a gun. There is only two places in the state that a gun cannot be taken and that is a jail and a court. They have to supply a lock box at those locations for me to secure my weapon. We would not disarm anyone. If they are not able to do that for themself we would place it in a patent bag just like we do anything else like there wallet or meds and that is transfered to the hospital. No LEO here would ever disarm a patient The only way they could take a weapon is to arrest them. We are not able to carry on duty without our Chief's ok but that is because we do not want to take our weapons in on a fire and do not want the liability of a weapon taken out of the engine that cannot be secured. Each state has differant laws so each SOP's will be differant. That is why most people will not comment because they don't know your laws.

Kerry, it is beyond local law as well. So what you are saying is your hospital allows patients to bring their weapon into the hospital? Our hospital has a no weapon policy, so the ambulance can't secure it for the victim and then transfer it to the ER. They will not allow any weapons in their facility. It is a private facility with private rules not laws. Just like many bars and restaurants that we are now starting to see with signage that says NO GUNS ALLOWED on premise.



I personally will not allow a armed person to be loaded into the ambulance. I also have a right to protect myself and others. If patient will not allow me to disarm them, or LEO will not do it....then I guess he wont be transported...BUT........THATS JUST ME !!!!


That is why I am saying you have to follow your local laws. Here anyone that provides a service to the public can NOT say they will not allow weapons. I can at my house ask people to not bring a weapon in and that is ok. Once you start anything for the public you cannot stop them from bringing a weapon on your property. We have to take a person with a weapon in the ambulance and the hospital cannot refuse them also. I guess you can refuse to transport in your area but we cannot. That is the state law. Yes the hospital allows them. They are also allowed in bars and restaurants.

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